Here Lies Love opened last night at the Rep. I havent seen it yet, but it probably looks something like this.
Here Lies Love opened Friday night at the Rep. I haven't seen it yet, but it probably looks something like this. JOAN MARCUS

As you'd know if you read my interview with Here Lies Love composer David Byrne, who you may remember for his work in the Chatting Noggins, the Rep is closing its season with a big deal, v exciting show that completely transforms its house into a disco stage. Over the weekend, the Rep published a cool time-lapse video where a few talking heads (đź‘€) describe the year-long process of conceiving and building a theater inside the Rep's Bagley Wright Theatre.

One of those talking heads is Steve Coulter! He's the technical director at ACT Theatre and also the project coordinator for the buildout on Here Lies Love. He projects the patient and mild-mannered temperament of a man who has weathered many back-of-the-house storms, and I love him. He figured out what needed to happen—which shops to hire, what those shops needed to build, and when they needed to build it—in order to turn the Rep into a disco. According to Coulter, the structure can withstand an earthquake. So, even if the big one hits over the next several weeks, the theatre may be one of the safest places to be.

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A spokesperson for the Rep says that, at four times the cost of a 'normal' show, Here Lies Love is "by far" the largest production the theater has taken on as a company. While production costs have quadrupled, the discotheque set reduces capacity from 865 seats to 500. To make up for all that, the Rep is running the show for twice as long as normal, and the ticket prices are significantly increased.

Check it out below!