Attorney for Murray's 2008 Accuser Believed His Client, But Dropped Case Because of the Statute of Limitations


"Murray was just a state senator at the time of the aborted lawsuit, Williams added, and wasn't a man of wealth or a public figure like he is today."

So now that Murray is better known, Murray is a better target.
Kind of undercuts the sincerity argument.
Game changer.
Spam on aisle 2 gang!!

Man, no one really gives a shit at The Stranger these days, do they?
@1 huh? He's making no claims about whether D.H. is sincere, he's never met him. He's saying his client seemed sincere. And that Murray wasn't wealthy at the time would support that.

Simpson's claims seem /a priori/ plausible enough, but people have dismissed them because his lawyer dropped the case, so this story is worth having.
The statute of limitations is more than a technicality. The limit on bringing charges is crucial because after so many years, memories have faded, witnesses have moved away, and the world has moved on. If it couldn't be brought 5 years ago then it shouldn't be brought today in a court of law or a court of public opinion.
The fact that he was a tweeker and constantly in trouble makes it more plausible to me that pEd Murray would find him an easy target to prey upon.

The biggest thing for me, though, was the releasing of a doctor's statement the other day saying his balls are clear of anything so we should all look the other way. Nothing screams "I'M NOT HIDING ANYTHING" than an obvious-bullshit-artist stunt like that.