Marshawn Lynch: Coming back to football.
Marshawn Lynch: Coming back to football. Getty Images

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Beast Mode is going to be a Raider. Weeks (months?) of speculation that if Marshawn Lynch ever played football again, it would not be for Seattle but for his hometown (for now) team, the Oakland Raiders, has proven to be true. The trade has just been announced, reports the Seattle Times. Next year, we'll be looking at Lynch as he barrels toward us instead for us.

Everyone who watched the Bad Super Bowl a few years ago could see this coming.

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After the Seahawks failed to give Lynch the ball at the one-yard line and lost the Super Bowl to the Evil New England Patriots, Marshawn Lynch was clearly over the Seahawks. His final season was lackluster, mostly due to injury, and in a fuck-you move, at the last minute, he refused to board the plane to the ice-cold playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. We barely won, only because of Vikings kicker Blair Walsh, who now is our kicker, fucking it up and missing the final point.

That said, I'll be happy to see Lynch play, but not happy that his grand retirement tour is over.

Here's a compilation of all the greatest Marshawn Lynch runs.

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