Voices from Seattle's Tax March


"One of the speakers said the pussyhats represent transphobia and could be triggering for victims of sexual assault."

Ugh; this is why Republicans are winning, people!
"A much larger crowd—18,000—were expected to show up for that rally"
Did they?

"One of the speakers said the pussyhats represent transphobia and could be triggering for victims of sexual assault."
Isn't it perfectly clear by now there is part of the fringe left whose job it is to make everyone say "how high?" when they command "jump" and things like this are just about the high they get from exerting power and control? It's kinda like those who shamed the protesters who booed those two racist BLM who were abusive to an old Jewish guy (Bernie Sanders). I heard a quote from Linda Sarsour recently (don't get me started on her) that summarized perfectly the command for subservient from certain creepy gatekeepers on the left: "If folks are to be true allies - learn how to be lead." The irony is that feminism was supposed to be about women thinking for themselves as not being subservient and blindly obedient to their husbands. Now the gatekeepers of the Women's March demand it. Whether it's Sarsour, those demand respect for those two girls who screamed at Bernie at Westlake, or the idiot shaming women about their pussyhats- I don't trust their motives. I don't think following them blindly would lead to anything positive. I'm not a fan of the pussyhat but it's harmless, unlike power hungry, perpetually shaming and accusing demagogues.
oh come the fuck on. The pussy hats are CAT HEADS. Anyone who whines that they're transphobic is really looking for something to be outraged about.
The Left argues about pussyhats while the Right consolidates all the wealth, rewrites the Constitution, and takes away every last strand of the social safety net from the poor, the sick, and the elderly. That's the history of the difference between Left and Right in a nutshell.

And that's why we can't have nice things ….
Can someone explain how pussyhats ate transphobic?
#5: Yeah, Rich Smith. Why don't you explain that, since you brought it up?
" We were confused about some of the things the [Block the Bunker coalition] said about the pink hats. Not sure what their point is, but we'd like to understand."

Pink hats is a white thing. Things white people like=horrible and racist according to the far left.

In other news, Block the Bunker was supposed to be against building a new youth jail. I guess they expanded their cause to include fighting against pussy hats. Maybe they should be renamed to "Block the Bunker and pussyhat". I suspect the concept of intersectionality is behind this. Or just anti-white hatred disguised at concern trolling for the victims of pussyhats.
@5 and 6
Because white women wear them. Anything white people do is oppressive according to the far left.
Janice, concerning your fear of people blindly following wacko power-hungry leftists, have you noticed that zero people are blindly following following this pussyhat directive? Zero.

I know: but you see it all the time. So save it for over there, wherever that is.

What's sad (for me, don't know about for Janice) is this managed to prevent any conversation about the point of the march. We've got to get better at ignoring trollish extremism when it's not influential, just provocative. It takes two to infight.
Ignoring could start with Mr. Smith, unless he finds this important to discuss?
This was my first Resistance event. It was going well until the speakers started in. Too many of them veered off into issues and causes unrelated to the focus of the march. I got frustrated and left. Note to organizers: keep the speeches on topic. Let the people march.

Block the Bunker was a successful effort to stop the construction of a new police station. The attempt to abolish the juvie is a different thing.

The same people might be behind both, but we'll never know from The Stranger's reporting, since this paper so seldom publishes names of anyone involved when writing about our local police/prison abolition movement.
Everyone in this comments section is arguing about who on the left is actually correct when all of them are being distracted by the corporate overlords. Instead of whining to see Trump's taxes, ask why our state house Democrats unanimously voted to give Ferrari owners a break at the cost of ST3 funding. The answer: they're all corrupt. Where are Noel Frame's tax returns? Nicole Macri? Santos? Pettigrew? These people all take loads of hard-to-trace cash and voted against mass transit so their rich donors would save a few hundred bucks.
Liberals protesting in Seattle on a weekend?

Why this changes EVERYTHING!
Representatives form the Block the Bunker coalition largely drew boos and consternation from the crowd when a masked speaker chastised protestors [sic] for wearing "trasphobic" [sic] and potentially "triggering" pussyhats.

Someone was allowed to come to the microphone while wearing a mask? Seriously? Isn't that the most basic level of accountability we should expect of someone that wants to speak publicly, that we be able to see the face of the person making those statements? I find this more bizarre than the idea that pink cat-eared hats are "triggering" and "transphobic," and those are pretty fucking bizarre statements.
Decrying the pussyhats as somehow transphobic is a move straight out of some dogeared playbook.
Leftism has become a mental illness.
And the low turnout confirms that no one really gives a shit about the returns...

You could get a crowd of aimless leftists this size on any weekend to protest anything or nothing.
Kek. Cuz the right has thier shit all figued out...
This march looked like it could be sponsored by the Democratic Party that is really not interested in basic social justice and eradicating racism and classism. But it is interested in maintaining the status quo by any means necessary.
how is a hat transphobic? now I would agree they are a fairly silly, lazy and vapid form of "protest", but "triggering"? lots of goofy terms to sort through these days.
@19: Well, you may disagree with their ideas, but considering how the right controls both the executive and legislative branches, controls a majority of statehouses and governorships, and are about to install a 30-40 year majority in the judicial branch, they do seem to have their shit at least a little more together than the people yelling in the streets about how hats are victimizing them.
There is nothing wrong with those hats. They are a clever form of protest for womxn’s rights.
Stop calling it lazy and vapid and silly that sounds like a put down of womxn and also sexist.