The Big Lie About Girls is That It Was Remotely Realistic


Wait, Carrie's apartment in "Sex and the City" was "tiny"???? That thing was at least 700 square feet!
Then again, the apartments on TV and in movies that are supposed to be an indicator of their inhabitants' less-than-ideal life circumstances (Carrie Bradshaw's "I'm just a writer" studio, Jessica Jones' "one bottle away from a breakdown" office/apartment, Peter Parker's crumbling midtown garret) always look pretty sweet to me. Even the worst ones have great bones and are just some paint and elbow grease away from fabulousness. If set designers really wanted to convey a depressing home life, they'd show some beige cookie-cutter box in a suburban apartment complex ... but maybe that would be too close to reality for comfort.
@1, i don't know if it was that big. she didn't have a couch if i remember, just the bed area, and her desk. she did have a walk in closet and a very small kitchen...
Any adjuncts watching must have had an aneurysm
If it's on TV, it's not real. Not the news, not the sports, not the infomercials, not the ads, not the fiction shows, the game shows or the docudramas. Sometimes the weather is real, but not often.