Edmonds Police Backtrack Earlier Decision, Will Investigate Swastikas as "Possible Hate Crimes"


when's the last time graffiti was followed up by anything for real around here? asshole teenagers always hit the nail on the head for scaring adults
So what if none of the victims who reported the crimes felt personally attacked "due to their race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or mental, physical or sensory handicap."?!?
What the fuck do THEY know?

The SPLC needs a steady ever increasing stream of HATE CRIMES to frighten credulous Leftists out of their cash.

The police need to get their priorities straight.
My assumption would be that this was a "teenage prank" so I'm not surprised that the PD doesn't want to "investigate". I mean, even if they thought that it was a done by organized anti-semites, what are they going to do, dust all the cars for prints? Ask around at the home depot about who bought spray paint and make house calls on everyone who did? This is basically a stone whodunit and I'll assume Edmonds PD isn't swarming with detectives on light duty.
Sounds like 10 houses/cars got hit, and 1 of those belonged to a person of jewish heritage. Almost like a random sampling of homeowners in any neighborhood. Perhaps that's why the local PD wasn't calling up the hate crimes squad - it doesn't look targeted.
The presence of swastikas makes good people nervous even if it's not on *their* car. It's designed to generally intimidate.
Maybe it's a pack of Hindu kids doing that.
Edmonds Woodway high school is just a couple of blocks from these incidents. Cops shouldn't need to look too far.
Oh, and the vast majority of edmonds woodway students are overprivelaged white kids.
"We think it's teenage dumbasses" would be one thing, but "no victims were targeted" makes no sense as policy.

If I spray-paint "gas the Jews" on the car of an obviously Christian police chief, and he as the car owner doesn't feel personally threatened, is that a free pass no hate crime? That would be a dumb statute.
What if I hire a skywriting plane? That's not even vandalism. All cool?
Must be the work of another Israeli teenager.
So if you are skeptical about it being a hate crime because no individuals appeared to have been targeted, try walking around with a swastika.
I gotta say, I agree with the cops on this one (God have mercy on my soul). With all the public fear over white supremacists becoming more prevalent/visible it has given non white supremacists a cover to perpetrate what are essentially false-flag crimes. We saw this with the burglary of Africa Town last year, the threats made to Jewish organizations this year, etc... My bet is that it was just some stupid teens being stupid teens.

Doesn't make it not shitty, just saying it doesn't seem like the work of any organized white supremacist group or gang.
@14 Walking around wearing a swastika is not a hate crime either, even if it is pretty shitty.
@8: the "vast majority" are "overprivileged"? isn't "privileged" enough?

too much hyperbolizing.

Yes, but it's the shittiness that is hateful, isn't it? Wearing a swastika is not a crime, but it is a hateful act. Vandalism is a crime that is also hateful if it involves hate speech. So I think this should be treated as a hate crime.

Maybe they are overwhite, too.
@9 it actually wouldn't be a hate crime in that case, because no one was targeted for their protected-class status.