Will Rising Rents Close One of Seattle’s Only Black Owned Galleries?


The citizens of Seattle voted for a property tax increase for ST3 and other wanted services. Hence rents are rising, this is simple economic reality. Actions have consequences.
If you remove the eighth, ninth, and tenth words of that question you will get your answer!
If an art gallery is going to live or die on a turn of $360/mo, then the problem isn't rising rents, the problem is that not enough people are buying the art.
If an art gallery or any other business loses out to a business that will pay more rent for the space, that indicates that the community desires the goods and/or services of the new business over the former one that couldn't afford the rent increase. The only way the new business can pay the higher rent is if the public buys more stuff per square foot of the space then the art gallery that got priced out. "We have met the enemy, and he is us." - Pogo.