The Morning News: Mayor Murray All of a Sudden Wants to Tax the Rich, Boeing Killing Good Jobs to Keep Shareholders Happy


Women are too delicate and feeble to deplane without a man's help. Agreed.
Booze will kill you.
@#1: it's called being a gentleman, but then a douche like you wouldn't know anything about that would you?
@2: no actually booze helps you live longer.

Okay, the desire for booze will kill you.
"That attendant of the 7-Eleven"- you mean the armed robber that shot 3 people. Glad he's dead.
The Trumps have more of a contractual relationship than a marital one. Perhaps simple displays of affection, like pretending to like each other enough to walk together, are a line item that is deducted out of Melania's paycheck. I'd take the money, too.
RE: The shrimping man.

He's not unusual. The vast majority of people in the world: rich, poor, black, white, male, female, etc... They're all mostly oblivious to everyone and everything on the planet, other than what's currently happening to them at this very moment.

Frankly, I'm surprised our species has made it as far as we have.
@6: you shouldn't be. you should be sad that any of that happened. it's a pitiful reason to die.

my big question: how the fuck did the kid get into the Federal Building? so much for post-9/11 hardened targets...
@1: Go back to Mom's basement and stay there, idiot GOP servant.

Murray's taxing the rich? That's a good thing, isn't it?
@9- fuck him. He lost any shred of sympathy and humanity when he tried to murder 3 people. And he's not a kid, he's an adult.
Correction, WAS an adult.
Tax the Rich = Tax Pretty Much Everyone in Seattle. Works for me.
@4: No, actually it doesn't. Still, your sentiment remains true.
Tell me more about this water buffalo?
Seattlish is quitting. 😢
@11: your lack of empathy was already noted when you were glad that this "adult" made a foolish, fatal choice over a case of beer.

I'm interested to learn who these kids are - it will be illuminating, regardless. the other 2 are very, very lucky that all the police lived. they'll get to see the outside of prison again.

It also says volumes about the nature of their respective relationships. The Obamas clearly practice an equal partnership marriage; whereas the *rumps is definitely a "me man husband, me walk in front. You girl wife, you walk several paces behind" kind of marriage.
@18- I absolutely have a lack of empathy for this ex-person. Why should I give a shit about someone who so quickly turned to the attempted murder of three people? He wasn't put down over a case of beer, he was killed because of his stupidity in opening fire on the police. hope his last moments were a sea of agony and terror.

Don't worry, all too soon his mother will be out in front of the cameras, clutching her pearls and wailing about what a good son he was. She'll be quickly followed by the idiots at the stranger with the "why didn't they shoot him in the leg" nonsense.
No income tax under any circumstances. I am a Democrat and will not vote for any candidate that proposes an income tax of any kind. No matter what Murray or McGinn or anybody else tells you, the income tax will rise to bite all of us. It always happens. Anything else is a lie.

No income tax. No compromise.
@21: That's what a lot of homeowners used to think.
I grew up in Iowa. Iowa has a low sales tax, low property taxes, and an Income Tax. You file your Iowa taxes, and deduct it from your federal tax. It's simple, easy, and better than our stupid way of estimating sales tax here. But the idiot fringe in our state will always want to continue to subsidize the wealthy because they are afraid of an income tax.