Voices from the Seattle March for Science Protest


This story kinda messed up the joke/chant:

What do we want?
Fact-based research.
When do we want it?
After peer review.
Ah yes. The losers of last November's election decided to get a little outdoors exercise. Some look like they need it. Good for them. I'm sure this gathering at Cal Anderson Park will be a total game changer.
What do you expect from the sort of people who post Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes on their social media accounts?
@2 Your snark needs work. Just like your STEM grades.
Donald Ward, you are a pathetic cockroach who wanted to murder your own little brother just so that you could suck at both of your mommy's teats, aren't you?
Can someone explain to me how this wasn't just a pat yourself on the back event?

How about you explain to us why you care? At minimum, it was a gathering of like-minded people who, quite obviously, were enjoying the day and the presence of their fellow marchers. Should such events and displays of happiness be discouraged? Banned outright?
Glad the weather cooperated and it was just yet another classic, typical, cool spring day.
Ah yes. A sour troll questioning other peoples effective use of thier time.
I'm glad that there are no reports of idiotic unrelated (possibly masked) axe-grinders taking over the mic, like at the tax protests. Sounds like a good time. I wish I had been able to make it.
I would have loved to have been there also, but I was down in Las Vegas. Mr. Vel-DuRay and I decided to finally make an honest woman out of me after all of these years.
@10: Oh praise the Lord, with sanctified nuptials may your holy matrimony be blessed with every happiness for eternity forevermore!
Support Science: Send Trumpzilla to Mars del Lego.

I wasn't able to make the Climate March in Seattle, but there was a local one ini Bellingham, 85 miles north. I couldn't miss out. Save the Earth, Science, Arts and Humanities, Affordable Healthcare, and the EPA!
@10: Congratulations, Catalina and Mr. Vel-DuRay, and all the best!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Vel-DuRays!
Thank you, dears. It was one of the longest courtships in modern history, but all it took was a visit to the wedding license office and a trip to Sears to get the rings, and there we were!