This week, in addition to catching the attention of numerous news outlets (and a few celebrities), we earned heaps of commentary and praise from our readers for Ijeoma Oluo's interview with Rachel Dolezal. Emailed letters to the editor also included props for the Spokane issue overall, thanks for a story in the most recent Green Guide, and a shout-out to Charles Mudede. Highlights below.

Re: Dolezal Article
BRILLIANT piece - please include more by Ijeoma [Oluo]; a fantastic writer. I read a piece of hers in the South Seattle Emerald a while back and started following her on FB. She has some insight and the writing chops to be able to share them (I'm 68, former writer and editor, and white - love her).


Thanks for this piece and more by this woman!

Chris Crandall


as i was reading the interview with rachel dolzeal, i kept shaking my head in disbelief.

she is very ARROGANT in thinking that her racial identity is as a black woman.

she is white. she was born white. absolutely no getting around that reality.

she cannot POSSIBLY know what black women and men go through daily, dealing with white supremacy, and the resulting discrimination.

at the end of the day, ms. [dolezal] is simply a sad case of somebody who doesn't accept who she is .... and wants to falsely embrace another race, rather than deal with her own issues.

passive women do NOT make history,


Dear whoever is in charge,

I was introduced to Ms. Oluo's work via her piece on Rachel Dolezal. I almost scrolled past it on my Facebook feed—so over that woman in her first 15 minutes. But in the title I got a bit excited that this woman might get kicked down a notch, so I jumped in.

Please, please share with Ms. Oluo:


She has masterfully captured and illuminated what that annoying, irritable tick I had every time I saw Rachel Dolezal in the news. I could never explain it or even begin to try. In addition, she—as only she could—exposed the core of Ms. Dolezal and what makes her so offensive to EVERYONE, but as much so to her personally. (Theft of her sister's name was EPIC).

Critics are applauding her work and many are presenting it as, "the last thing you ever need to read about Rachel Dolezal." They're right. Please thank her. It is worth reading twice, she goes far beyond the shell that is Ms. Dolezal. She has shed fantastic light on race issues most brilliantly.

Thank you so much.

Margo Perine

Hello—I do not do social media in any form but would really like to get on Ms. Oluo's notification list for her future articles. Her interview with Rachel Dolezal is being widely reprinted and is one of the most compelling pieces I have ever read about white privilege. Please give this woman a raise ASAP. This is brilliant, fearless journalism. I will be very interested in anything she has to say from now on. I happen to be an editor and recognize good stuff when I see it.

Cameron McLaughlin

Thank you for calling out Washingtons stupid packaging rules for pot. It makes it really difficult to find a good strain. Also, cloning is bad. Cloning is not good at all!

Pete Dempcy

I'm late with this letter of comment, but I saved the article and refound it.

I have always liked and appreciated Charles Mudede's columns, but the 3/29/17 article, "Live Rich and Die Broke: The Epicurean Anthem," was marvelous.

And it's more than that I agree with the world view he offers.

Support The Stranger

His writing has always been solid, a good read, but "Live Rich..." had me stopping and going back to the beginning to read it more carefully. The style, the pace, a presence that was personal and thoughtful and confident, all combined to offer a satisfying and chewy read.

Please pass on my compliments to Mr. Mudede!

Maggie Nowakowska
Capitol Hill

Dear Stranger,

I've read your publication since high school in the early 00's. I read Slog daily at work. I've lived in Spokane for 29 of my 31 years.

Thank you Stranger for being there for me in 2004 and last year. Thanks for introducing me to the writing of Dan Savage, Lindy West, Charles Mudede, Sean Nelson and many others.

I want to thank you for your honest and fair tour of Spokane. Really.

Dedicated Stranger Reader in Spokane

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