Accuser’s Subpoena Describes Alleged "Cover Up" at Mayor’s Home Last Summer


Mayor, why was this shirtless man knocking on your door with his wallet and other clothing inside your house?
We're you collecting your new proposed Taxes from him?
I'm sure the Chief would not be involved in a cover-up.
Possibly of interest to anyone investigating this (or just interested in the mayor's on-the-job communications): I have some long-outstanding public records requests for text messages between the Mayor and various other city staff (generally, legislators, leaders, and police-related staff) with various results trickling in:
- Mayor
- Mayor and mayor's public safety advisor
- Mayor and Police Dept. chief operating o…
- Mayor and Chief O'Toole
- Mayor and police guild president
- Mayor and Police PR staff
- Mayor and City Council
- Mayor and Deputy Mayor Kim
- Mayor and Deputy Mayor Joncas
- Mayor and Mayor's chief of staff
- Mayor and Mayor's PR staff
Who knows what this means? Speculation time. The plaintiff's attorneys may be telegraphing inside sources. Sometimes there are people in the 'system' who can't take it anymore. Kind of like what happened to Judge Gary Little back in the 80's.
The "eye witnesses": all colleagues, employees and invited guests of the Mayor.
I'm really confused. (Admittedly, I started skimming when the article switched to old information). Is there a part where something says the ejected shirtless guy was DH, or is that just being implied, or is this incident not connected at all and just lashed onto the abuse allegations to add to the mayor's general shadiness?
@7 This incident is about as related to DH as Monica Lewinsky was to Paula Jones.
The Mayor has a big black locked wrought iron gate surrounding his house. How did shirtless man get to the front door?
Seriously. Per @7/8, what the fuck does this have to do with anything?
This smells more and more like a clumsy police attempt to install a weak mayor and tamp down on oversight.
@9 Nope, that's not his house.
Unless this is somehow related to the lawsuit it seems like a gross abuse of a subpoena. It looks like it is just an attempt to put more pressure on Murray in a very unethical way. Murray's lawyers should be screaming for sanctions.
Nothing yet from Murray's lawyers.
"Mayor Murray, out of an abundance of caution, reported the incident to the Seattle Police Department, as is standard practice."

I'm a very practical, abundance of caution kinda gal, and it would never occur to me to call the damn cops because someone asked to use my bathroom. Sorry, Seattle, your Mayor is dirty.
@15: He's the mayor, a public figure. So in light of that, what about "out of an abundance of caution" do you not get?
The subpoena appears to have nothing to do with DH or the lawsuit. These two attorneys for the accuser are revealing to the world what slime balls they truly are. They have zero credibility. The accuser should be suing his attorneys for malpractice. If this is all they have on the mayor, they're wasting everyone's time.
If the subpoena is not kosher, trust Murray's attorneys to being that to the judge's attention and the judge can quash it if he/she wants. Otherwise, it stands.
One set of parties claim this crazy guy took back his shirt and wallet from the house, the people who were there claim it was two crazy people who never came inside of the house.

Yet El Estraño is focusing on the uncorroborated weirdo side of the story only, which also has nothing to do with the diddly accusations against the mayor.

Did you know if you go read the Portland Mercury that it still doesn't look like some weirdo local tabloid?
I was going to say this is a stupid distraction.... but who the hell calls the cops on a bunch of people who want to use your bathroom?

It's weird, obviously, and I wouldn't do it. But calling the cops... is odd.
An attorney representing Delvonn Heckard

WTF does this disturbance situation have to do with the D.H. case?

Sure sounds like the lawyers are trying to cause as much damage as possible, however unrelated it may be.

Cui bono?
Lets wait for the actual police report.
@20 - I fully disagree that the Mayor calling the cops on a strange situation that shows up at his door is somehow "weird". You might not, and nor would I probably, but a public figure of a major west coast port city? Definitely a prudent course of action.

And as to going to O'Toole... it's fairly common for CEO's to contact their next-in-command in whatever department in order to fulfill any simple request they have, regardless of who further down the chain of command is actually responsible for completing that task. So that doesn't seem particularly weird to me either.

I'm no huge fan of Murray, but using salacious ad hominem attacks, and now spurious fabricated drama to take him down is... pretty weak sauce.

If D.H. has a case, let it go to court and sort it out. Don't play Media Drama Queen tactics to try to make the slime stick.
...What's that lawyer's name again? Why isn't the Stranger using his name, as he is the one doing this new Drama Queen attack.
WTF. I think Simpson and his friend are probably telling the truth about Murray, but this appears to be a complete free-floating fishing expedition by Lincoln Beauregard. If this turns out a big nothingburger designed for smear purposes, I sure hope the Stranger apologizes for playing into it.
Well, this one didn't work out for the sleazy lawyer.
@5, Gary Little committed suicide. What has that got to do with this situation?
What will the Seattle Times print next that The Stranger reposts?
Ed Murray's MO seems to be preying on drug addicts knowing his credibility as a community leader will always trump the easy-to-dismiss losers he knows he can take advantage of. "Who do you trust, me, a respectable elite or some desperate crack junkie?". It's predatory genius.

Also, If the guy was just asking to use the mayor's bathroom why was his stuff already inside the mayor's house?
@30, really? Some rando source drummed up by a homophobe attorney is the one who says the man was shirtless and his stuff was in the house. That's not anymore reliable than the source that told me you were sacrificing a goat in your living room last night. Why were you sacrificing a goat anyway?
@28. I'm engaging in pure speculation, because the plaintiff's law firm appeared to throw a dart, with the subpoena, that hit the opposite wall. So, what other purpose could the subpoena serve? To me there is a lot of detailed knowledge, in the subpoena, that no amount of FOIA requests would ever turn up. My speculation is that it might be a message that plaintiff's firm has very good inside sources. Now, if my limited knowledge of the Gary Little case is correct, it was the Prosecutor's Office that started his demise. Little was a respected Judge who was dogged with allegations of abusing juveniles, so the similarities abound. Anyway, if the plaintiff's law firm turns out to be bumbling smear merchants, that'll be quite a story too.
Murray's tax policies are enough to throw him out, regardless of any outcome here.
The larger question remains. WHEN does he step down. Now he's dragging down the Chief of Police and the integrity of police policy in general. Any semblance of leading the city is going down the drain. Bye bye Mr. Ed.
At what point do we stop pretending this lawsuit has any merit at all?

The plaintiff's attorney has the obligation of proving his client was abused by the defendant. The plaintiff's attorney has yet to provide a single speck of evidence showing his client was ever in the same room as the defendant, let alone that they had an on-going sexual relationship.

Instead of actually providing any evidence of any kind whatsoever to support his client's case, the plaintiff's attorney is throwing subpoenas around, this time to monger strange rumors which, so far, may or may not have a completely imaginary connection to his case.

This implies the attorney either knows no such evidence exists, intends continuing to try the case in the media, is utterly incompetent, or some combination of the three.

Other than entertainment value, why should any citizen of Seattle care?
@31 How many smoking guns before you Ed Murray apologists admit there's a pattern of sketchy drug related affairs literally leading up to the Mayor's door? 2 more? 3? Or is it all just a random coincidence?

The Ed Murray defenders are almost as ignorant as the Trump lovers who refuse to see his many flip flops. Stop defending an obvious debacle while you still have your dignity.
"Mayor, why was this shirtless man knocking on your door with his wallet and other clothing inside your house?"

Yes, please tell us why you were wandering shirtless around Capitol Hill, claiming your wallet and other clothing were in the Mayor's house. Inquiring minds want to know.

"@31 How many smoking guns before you Ed Murray apologists admit there's a pattern of sketchy drug related affairs literally leading up to the Mayor's door? 2 more? 3? Or is it all just a random coincidence?"

In addition to the anonymous source, mentioned @30, who confirmed you had sacrificed a goat in your living room, I have an anonymous source who claimed you had carnal relations with the goat before you killed it. How can you continue to ignore these smoking guns?