Mayor Ed Murray sued the feds last month over threats to pull federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities.
Mayor Ed Murray sued the feds last month over threats to pull federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. HG

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A judge has blocked an order from the Trump Administration cutting off funding to sanctuary cities like Seattle that limit their cooperation with federal immigration officials, the Associated Press reports.

The ruling came after two California jurisdictions—San Francisco and Santa Clara County—sued, arguing the order "threatened billions of dollars in federal funding for each of them, making it difficult to plan their budgets," according to the AP. The feds claim local governments are interpreting the order too broadly and it would affect a much smaller portion of their budgets.

Seattle has filed a similar lawsuit, and the mayor's office has said the city could stand to lose up to $85 million in federal funding a year.

President Donald Trump first signed the order in January. Then, in a March 27 press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated the administration's plans, saying the Department of Justice would only provide federal grant dollars to jurisdictions that comply with USC 1373, which says cities and counties can't prohibit communication with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Local officials said they do in fact comply with that policy and Sessions' threat was empty. Two days later, Mayor Ed Murray and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced they would sue the Trump administration over the order.

Representatives from the mayor's office and city attorney's office were not immediately available for comment. We'll update this post when we hear more.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for City Attorney Pete Holmes said attorneys in his office were still reviewing the decision to determine what it means for Seattle's case.

In a statement, Mayor Ed Murray called the ruling "yet another rebuke of his misguided agenda."

"Once again, a federal judge has blocked President Trump’s dangerous overreach," Murray said. "While we review this ruling’s impact on our city’s lawsuit against the president’s order, we will continue to embrace all our residents because we know Trump’s attacks on ‘sanctuary cities’ are attacks on constitutional cities.”

Seattle City Council member Lorena González said in a statement, “Today’s victory in court proves once again that when cities stand with their immigrant and refugee communities, they win. Trump is not only on the wrong side of history, but the wrong side of the law."

King County Council Chair Joe McDermott slammed Trump in an interview, saying the president's “attempts to scare us continue to be legally indefensible.”

“We will continue to refuse to honor ICE detainers unless they’re accompanied by a criminal warrant,” McDermott said. “We want people to know King County continues to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone.”

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