Judge Halts Trump's Order Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities


This is wonderful. Ed Murray's leadership on this and the citywide income tax has been amazing. This is the Seattle I love.
Forthcoming Trump tweet: "Activist Judges! We're going to change that! Sad! Bad!"
Trump: Nothing but a lot of talk and a badge.
Trump also a cracker from Alabama.
Hello Supreme Court! The 9th Circuit is full of liberal zealots.
@6 You are preaching to the choir, buddy. Darn liberals, always arguing for state's rights and freedom from federal interference in local affairs! That's not what the founders wanted!

Darn tootin', they had seen the Articles of Confederation and they wanted no more of that. Strong central government, that's what they wanted.

Well, depending on who's currently in office, of course.
President Hair Plugs can't focus on who he's angry at. His Twitter feed is a mess. Last I checked, we are apparently considering war with Canada over some dairy issues. That will play well int he hee-haw states.
@9: It is a pretty basic trade issue, really. For a candidate who ran on policies that were all about keeping business in America, that is actually one thing maybe he should be tweeting about. Better than the hallowed office of the POTUS whining about SNL skits, anyway.
Theodore dear, he said in his Twitter "we will not stand for it. watch!", so I'm pretty sure it's war with Canada, I'm getting out my snood and dusting off my USO uniform just in case. We'll probably have a lot of soldiers here who will want someone to dance with them, and I must do my duty.