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UPDATE: The person behind is not Heidi Groover, as many of you guessed. It was probably Matthew Donnellan, Bill Bryant's old campaign manager. How do we know? Well, this idiot didn't think to look at the webpage's source code. Several people who are smarter than I am did:

If you want to learn more about Donnellan, check out his interview with What's Up 206, which highlighted Donnellan as a non-lazy millennial working for political change.

Ed Murray's child sex abuse allegations have shaken up this year's mayoral race like never before, and the ultimate consequences of those allegations are yet to be seen. But even before those allegations became public, local political pundits had long speculated about a 2017 Murray challenger from the right. That challenger has yet to materialize with a fast-approaching May 19 filing deadline, but at least one person seems to think he or she knows a solid person for the job: Bill Bryant.

Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner today tweeted a link to a website attempting to recruit Bryant, former Seattle port commissioner and Republican gubernatorial candidate, for mayor. Brunner noted that in King County Bryant only won 32 percent of the vote.

The only thing that exists on is a petition, and it claims that it is "Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Committee Controlled by a Candidate." Looking up the website's domain registration didn't yield much information, either. The site is registered to an e-mail address signed up with Contact Privacy, a service that hides a website registrant's identity from domain searching.

Here's the anonymous recruiter's rationale for Bryant entering the race:

Seattle is in disarray. Local elected officials are unwilling to address the homeless crisis, unable to keep our cost of living from skyrocketing, and refuse to work with businesses to create good, middle class jobs. Scandals and partisan politics have crippled our city. Enough is enough. 

As a former Port Commissioner of Seattle, Bill Bryant has a proven record of protecting our environment, helping the homeless get back on their feet, and creating local jobs here in Seattle.

If you're tired of the say-one-thing-do-another politicians then sign the petition to recruit Bill Bryant to run for Mayor of Seattle. It's time we had a mayor who is fighting for all of us - the residents and taxpayers - and not the special interests.

On the environmentalist claim, Bill Bryant also has a track record of inviting Shell's Arctic drilling fleet to dock in Seattle despite loud protest from the public, then making fun of Seattleites for protesting in the first place. As for "helping the homeless get back on their feet," gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant said he'd get the state to withhold homelessness funding from any city that allowed its homeless to stay in parks and on sidewalks.

This is also the same person who spent months avoiding the question of whether or not he supported Donald Trump for president while running on the GOP ticket. The Seattle left would have to do something like nuke North Korea for Bryant to have a shot for mayor in a city that voted 87 percent for Hillary Clinton, especially after a gubernatorial campaign that relied on minimizing Seattle's influence on state politics. But who knows? Maybe people can change. Maybe we will all die in the Big One first.