Three Days Before May Day, FBI Arrests Protester from Last Year's Anti-Capitalist March


Also incredibly dangerous: O'Toole's staff lobbing explosives into a crowd of demonstrators and reporters.
They identified this dude six months ago, but the timing of the arrest right before May Day is coincidental. Coincidental like the release of the Bin Laden tape in 2004. Coincidental like Comey re-opening the Clinton email investigation in 2016. Yeah, coincidental.
Unmask these pussies. They don't like to get violent when they can't be anonymous.
They claim to be anarchists but never amount to much damage? Seems like they're all weak and white?
He should be grateful. They saved him from a life in Mommy's basement.

Say goodnight, Anarcho-Spencer Scum!
Really disappointed by the tone of this post. Some 32 year old (grow up already) dip shit brings a Molotov cocktail to a protest and then people complain when he gets arrested? Give me a break.
Glad he was arrested and timing is good:
Remind people that throwing bombs has consequences.

Would anyone here be even remotely snooty if he was alt-right throwing bomb at Um Kipper? (Jewish holiday)
"Investigators say Floyd made Molotov cocktails from green Heineken beer bottles, an "unknown flammable liquid," tampons, and strips of white cloth. He allegedly brought the homemade projectiles to last year’s May Day march, and around 7:30 pm near 4th Avenue South and South Seattle Boulevard, threw one at an officer."

Fuck him then. Have fun in Federal prison, bitch.
They're arresting an anarchist for throwing a bomb on May Day that they already arrested a different anarchist for a year ago. They waited till May Day to arrest this second anarchist. And yet nobody is pointing out that the reason anarchists turn out on may Day is to remember the Haymarket Martyrs. Four anarchists were hung for a bombing they did not commit (the likely bomber, Rudolph Schnaubelt, was an agent provocateur), one committed suicide, and three served life sentences. This is literally the same shit, different century.
@12, so why throw bombs at police for something that happened in 1886?
So typical of the Stranger to run to the defense of a 32 year old loser living with his mommy, just because he's Ann anarchist. So breaking stuff isn't violence if no one gets hurt? What if he'd vandalized a Planned Parenthood?
Broken windows, overturned garbage cans, vandalism of any kind, even if it isn't a molotov cocktail doesn't fit the description of "nothing more than a mostly harmless, annual annoyance."

What a morally disgusting and depraved post.
If you attack the police you should go to jail, no matter your politics.
Jeez, these weekly 'Activist Aerobics' (marches) are not only becoming annoying, but worse, making me yawn. Not to mention making me want to avoid downtown, which I love, and shop at SouthCenter Mall.
Western Washington is pretty Blue, King County is Bluer yet and Seattle is the bluest island in the State. Why are all these marches held Downtown? Are you not just preaching to the Choir? If your trying to make a difference and persuade others, go farther North or farther South or East (that would be something).
Somewhere in my childhood, can't remember if it was my mom or my dad's lesson, I learned not to throw bombs at police. I'm glad I learned that lesson.
@12 There are no anarchist turning out on May Day. Just some once a year "activist". If I claimed to be a activist of some kind, I'd do it all year round. Not just one day a year.
You gotta cover it because, you know, History. Haymarket and Unions and all of that. I bet this year won't be so boring. The Proud Boys are here to cause trouble.
@22 - At whom?
The KKKoppigs are tools of the SState. The SState is itself a criminal act! Political hierarchy is never compatible with Peace/Jusitce/Universal Vengeance! Humanity-as-Morality can never be Statist! --- &
@25 - Oh dear, your thoughts are uncoordinated. Peace is not compatible with vengeance.