I'm sometimes infuriated by Seattle process. Today I'm proud.
Tl;dr: are they gonna reduce the sales tax at all?
It won't happen.

Besides the current unconstitutionality of it, there's a 1984 law that forbids cities from enacting an income tax. Proponents say they can craft the Seattle tax in way that gets around it.

But the legislature can quickly update the current law to address Seattle's proposal.
This is not the way to get current law overturned. Laws as judicial test cases are just as petulant as Tim Eyeman's tactics are. The only way we are going to get an income tax in this region is through state constitutional amendment. Specifically, we will need to amend the state constitution so that income is no longer considered property in this state. Until that is done, any income tax brought up at the state, county, or city level is masturbatory.
How to get rich people to move across the lake 101

State income tax or nothing, quit fucking around.
@6 That's bullshit. Most constitutional attorneys I've talked to believe the current court would overturn the court's 1933 ruling that income is property. So no, you don't need a constitutional amendment.

That doesn't make passing a state income tax easy; you'll still ultimately need 50%+1 at the polls. But you don't need the 2/3 of both houses necessary for a constitutional amendment.

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