Dispatch from the Right-Wing Presence at Seattle May Day


People should get Townsend to be their bodyguard.
The police are not going to tell the truth about charging people talking on the sidewalk with their bikes and clubs (not sticks) completely disregarding people's safety. There is rampant police brutality in this city against people without shelter and other poor people.
Ya'll managed to do an entire article on white suoramacists without once mentioning they're white supremacists? Impressive. It's not like folks were flying the Cascade Legion flag or anything. Oh, wait, they were. They weren't hiding, or pretending to be something else . . . They were right out in the open being perfectly upfront about it. They want everybody to know. They. Are. White. Nationalist. Traditionalist Workers, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, Alt-Knights, and UWCR. I'm not calling names here. This is what THEY say they are. So why are you trying to paint them like some kind of misguided alternate universe opposites of hippies?
@3 Right, because all Trump supporters must be Nazis. Let's just keep fueling the fires of the culture wars that are burning our country down...
And right;", @4:
Heidi is secretly alt-right so can make her brother and sister new-Nazis goons look good.
@Heidi, it is Lynden, Washington with a "y". Sixth paragraph from the bottom.
Two trumpanzees support his views on family & religion, even though cheeto has never taken a position on either topic. They don't give names because they know they are horrible for supporting a white supremist fascist. MAGA!
Trumpanzees.whine about being "talked down to", but what can they possibly expect when their chorus line is "I deny facts I don't want." Yes, you are a complete fool when you blindly and willfully suplicate to an imbecile. Having a right to an opinion doesn't protect you from your opinion.
I am not going to stand up and say I am a fan of Trump. But I loved the Trump supporters yesterday. Kiro news literally followed them on their entire march and live streamed it. Twice young men tried to join their group with some white supremacy nonsense and the marches surrounded them and made sure he knew that they weren't with them, and they should go away. All on camera. It isn't the first time someone tries to get a photo taken with right wing supporter while doing some racist bs or Nazi solute and say "look they are racist they support a Nazi". What was cool was that they stopped the so called Antifa (or fascist super left aholes) from broking windows and causing problems. Also props to the homeless kids in Olympia who started a fight with the black block in Olympia for littering in their neighborhood. It was kinda awesome to watch on live steam. Black block protesters being chewed out for polluting the streets by homeless kids. The homeless kids asked them to clean up the mess because they lived there and the black block protesters started talking back to them and even pepper sprayed the homeless kids. They a fight broke out causing the cops to disperse the group. Seriously everyone is sick and tired of the black block and antifa morons. It ruins the entire message of mayday. May day protests began as a socialist protest day for international workers rights. How much do people actually acknowledge workers when they are pissed off that their town gets spray-painted and their windows broken. It is an important message and yesterdays peaceful actions should have had a louder voice.
@9) It is laudable that they had they had the nerve to chase away a vocal white supremist when they are all openly advocating support for a vocal white supremacist fascist troll? The only reason they didn't want him was the tv cameras. They know their positions are humanly despicable so they feign shame when one of their own yells out what they are all thinking. You voted for cheeto but you arent racist? Sorry, you dont get to split that hair. You voted for a racist with bigot policies and that is the stripe you chose.
@4 Did I call anybody a Nazi? Nope. I called out organizations that promoted, supported, attended, and displayed their logo, insignia, etc at the event _who publicly support and promote white nationalism_. If women were wearing habits and rosaries and had made vows to the Catholic Church I'd call them nuns. And if a 100+ nuns showed up at Westlake and marched around the city it would be weird for the media to totally fail to mention they were nuns. But if the media failed to mention they were nuns and I pointed out they were nuns would you tell me that I need to stop calling people Papists and fueling religious schism? Hmm, actually, you might. This is why we can't have nice things.
when asked to provide evidence or data, conservatism gets on its bike and rides away.

fuck these hicks. they don't know what they are talking about. way to go, dori monsoon.

fucking autocorrect.
"show our support for Trump," particularly "his religious beliefs..."

That is certainly reading into things. Trump is the most atheist president we've ever had. I doubt he goes to church.. ever. He's super pro-family, that's clear, but it's because he's paranoid & doesn't trust anyone else except his blood kin. But religious? Not even a little.
And who is telling people that anti-Trump protestors "knock down and rob" old people?
That's ...just an amazing statement to make.

It's funny, because Trump supporters are in favor of free-speech and freedom, and so are anti-Trump people. A clear bridge between the two, if I've ever seen one.
The people at the Trump rally were absolutely fascists. Here are some sights from the scene:
A Trump follower talking about how "Only one socialism has ever worked and it took the world to defeat it"
A Trump follower saying that if he were in prewar Germany, he would have been alongside the brownshirts "Popping commies in the head"
And, last but not least, this flag: https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.33879850…

This was a fascist rally, and it was allowed to happen in downtown Seattle. And people just walked by it, like it was no big deal.
@16 Well, look at this thread. The liberals love fascism. They can't get enough of it. Falling all over themselves to be the biggest fascist sympathizers around. Fucking worthless.