Comey Has More to Say About His Pre-Election Hillary Clinton E-Mail Bomb Drop and a new Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin FBI Probe


Unsure if "Clinton must be innocent, she is too stupid to use computers" route is the best one to take here.

Clinton is a lot of things, but she is not as dumb and imperceptive as a rock. She knew what she was doing, she did it anyway. She had and sent classified information in a way that was not legal. Other people have gone to prison for doing less. People can choose for themselves how much that matters, but that is what happened, according to the FBI.

I mean, you could blame Comey for telling people something that was true, I guess. But basically what you are saying is "Clinton could have had a better shot if people were reminded less about her actions."

Not terribly persuasive.
If the FBI is ever to be "trusted" again, it must investigate more thoroughly the corruption in this election. Where is the investigation into that Pig Giuliani? It is obvious he knew before Comey sent his letter that something was coming. Who did he learn it from? Why aren't they both in Prison for the rest of their lives?
@2) You are incompetant at literary criticism. Get some college before trying again.

Comey sought to sway the election, it is obvious. WHY? If he wasn't rooting for cheeto outright, he thought the house committee of partisans would go balistic on him for holding back on political weapons. Whatever, his actions stand up to no word salad explanation. Spineless panderers such as he do not belong in high office.

Whoops, make that @1), the theo greaseball.
@3: "Literary criticism?" What the hell are you talking about? Are we discussing the work of Harold Bloom here and I missed something?

Your whole comment is batshit, but I will try to wade through the spelling errors and absent grammar.

First, I never said anything about Comey and his possible willingness to sway the election, so that takes care of that. Even if I was, your comment is 100% nonsense speculation, and laughably ironic that you criticize others for word salad.

Second, thanks for exactly proving my point. I always appreciate that.
At the time, I was under the impression that Comey was making the statement ahead of the election, to avoid any accusation that he or the FBI was "in the tank" for Hillary because he thought she was going to win anyway, and it wouldn't make much difference. Of course, then we all learned after the election that the FBI had been investigating Donald for his connections with Russia and Putin for months, making his choice to announce the existence of new emails (that had yet to actually be reviewed, of course) so it just results in the people on the opposite side of the aisle coming to the conclusion he was in the tank for Donald instead.

We learned after the election that multiple people in the know - and in a position to know the proper procedure - were telling him to keep his damn mouth shut until afterward, which further raises questions. So ultimately, the "avoid the appearance of preferential treatment" argument tears itself apart anyway, from Comey's preferential use of discretion. (Apologies for the lack of citations, I'm at work and already wasting enough time as it is.)
Groath, I revise my comment: you are just an imbecile. Thanks for clarifying.
Was she actually forwarding them to his account or did she just have her account logged into his computer, same as that Alabama governor who was sending texts to his girlfriend and his wife's ipad? And somehow we win fuckwit mcfoodcolor setting policy for our kids and their kids. Jesus Fucking Christ.
Don't blame Comey. Blame Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton - for if they did not have that fateful assignation on the tarmac causing Loretta to reuse herself -- any recommendation for alerting Congress would have come more appropriately from the DOJ and not the FBI - which would not have occurred, in all likelihood.
The point is, Clinton lied. LIED! To Americans. We can't have a liar in the White House. Can you even imagine that? If America elected a president who blatantly lied to them? We had to elect the non-liar to office.
"...any other 69-year-old grandparent in the world and he would have realized immediately that she didn’t know what a private email server was and could barely turn on her iPad."

Stereotyping a whole generation much? And using as an example a 69-year-old whose intelligence and experience in the world way outstrips yours, Ms. Herzog.

You can't know that for sure. Ms. Herzog may have been class vice president junior year, and VP is a higher office than secretary.
@10: That was the most surprising event in the whole ordeal, to me. Bill had to know the optics for such a meeting would be horrible, so I can only wonder why it was he felt the need to do it anyway.
@7: Geez, can't even muster anything close to a rebuttal? Pathetic.