Things That Make Me "Mildly Nauseous"


Hillary Clinton's arrogance has and always will be chronically nauseating.
If you consider Hillary Clinton arrogant, do you also consider Angela Merkel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Theresa May arrogant as well? Because they're all women in charge of powerful nations.
Kitties, particularly long hairs, need weekly doses of petromalt to minimize the cat hair puking.
@1) I am very interested in what particular arrogances from Hillary you have experienced, please describe. Yes, she is rich and white, but those aside...? So arrogant she ran for political office, I take it?

Or could it be you have been enveloped in the scapegoat echo chamber, where you just mutter "hillary" and receive infinite confirmation gratificatiion? Feels good to be validated by the echos!

And dear, you should examine the definition of "chronically" and seek to use it correctly in the future.
@2: Not at all, do you always jump to conclusions?

For the rest of you, I am more than qualified as a Hillary Clinton financial donor (okay, just $100, but still), and voter, to deem her arrogant.

So there!
@5: Read Maureen Dowd columns, or Shattered, for goodness sake. Please don't act like it's only coming from Republicans or an "echo chamber." It wouldn't be far fetched to say that even Huma Abedin would concur with that adjective.
That video Slog posted of the ANTIFA and that doughy Trump dude sharing a Pepsi. I can taste the backwash..
@3: I'll have to try that. I hope it works better that the hair ball treats.
Clinton's CV includes being featured in Life magazine for her speech as the first student speaker during graduation from her Seven Sisters college, Yale Law grad, adviser on the Watergate investigation, very active Governor's wife, First Lady to a two-term President, Senator elected multiple times until she was tapped as Secretary of State. Short of also being on the Supreme Court, what else would she have to accomplish to not warrant a little arrogance, Phoebe?
@10: Of course, or a big ego. I know how people associate arrogance when associated with a woman as misogynistic, and there's basis for that of course, so I'm willing to use another word. What do you suggest?

Her accomplishments are great. Her breadth of understanding issues is enormous. She would have made a great president. And, she is as arrogant as hell!

Now, I'm really not telling you anything that you already know, am I?
@7 Maureen Doud was the one who told us Trump was a dove and Hillary was a hawk. You mean articles like that?
@7 Maureen Dowd has been vilifying Hillary for decades. She HATES the Clintons. The only times she hadn't been nasty about them was when she was busy being nasty about Obama. It got so bad her commenters were wondering if it was a personal grudge! And her family supports Herr Gropenführer. That Pulitzer she won was a long, LONG time ago! It's sad to see how far she has fallen, last seen she was writting for the Style section!

No, Abedin wouldn't concur with that nonsense. No woman who still has a group of close friends from GRADE SCHOOL - kept throughout being First Lady and Secretary of State - can possibly be arrogant!

Or do you mean to say she's arrogant to think a woman could be equal to her husband? Or run for President?
@2 Thanks for pointing out the difference between Hillary and Angela/Helen/Theresa.
@Phoebe: well, she's humbled now. was it worth it?

ICYMI, trump is the most arrogant asshole on the fucking planet. but he's a white man, so it's cool.
I don't think anyone wanted the Seahawks to "pass" the ball to Marshawn, btw. I think they wanted Russell to hand it to him.
@15: Of course not. I'm sure she is humbled, haunted, and heartbroken every day. It could have been so different, and she could have made it so. Bless her heart.

If folks don't want to classify Hillary as arrogant, that's their prerogative. But it fits for me. Whatever word you want to use for it, it encumbered her from delivering an inspiring message - and we learn that Bill was troubled by the lack of messaging as well.


Except that you never provided the examples you were asked for. You just say she is arrogance because other people say she is arrogant. You're​almost as stupid as raindrop, bless your heart.
@18: It's too shattering. She's a very irritating woman and undeniably arrogant. But I wish her well and I'm glad to have supported her and dear God I wish she was the president as she was tremendously qualified. But I'm so glad she'll fade away into the history books. I trust that makes sense.
"Basket of Deplorables" was perhaps the most arrogant and fateful stumble of her campaign.
@20: True. She was absolutely right, with the data to back up that opinion (because that's how Hillary rolls), but you are right. Insufferable, horrible people don't appreciate it when you call them out for their insufferable, horrible behavior. Not that these specific people were ever going to vote for her anyway, and any moderates who were still undecided after the mountain of evidence that Trump belonged in that camp were demonstrable imbeciles, but yes, I guess it was rather arrogant.

Well, at least she came up with an actual example on her eighth post, even if it is a really weak one that doesn't even meet the definition. I guess.
@22: Examples are inherently anecdotal for personal opinions someone has about said person. But I"m heartened that you're standing up for her so much.