Garbage People Vote for Garbage Law But Unfortunately They Won't Die


Maybe the garbage that voted for the garbage will though? Sigh, wishful thinking...
It will "wipe out humanity"???? ***massive eyeroll***

Anyway, back in the real world, this still has yet to pass the Senate where it faces tougher resistance and most likely significant changes. So no need to panic. Just yet.
I'm trying to find information about which WA representatives voted yea. Anyone?
I'd like to point to this tweet with regards to Tricia's last sentence:…

If you're not currently following Zeynep Tufekci on FB or Twitter, better start now. Here;s a sampling…
When rich health-creators are healthy, their health will trickle down to the rest of us.
2 - significant changes to this shit still mean people get screwed over, maybe slightly less brutally. They want to pass something.
@3 is a good resource

BTW - Good job to the Indivisible folks in Reicherts district for getting him to vote no.
Planning on getting leukemia next year so figure if I put away 5k this year I'll be cool. Maybe I'll switch to a flip phone just to be on the safe side.
@3 from here: Washington Reps voting yea: Cathy McMorris Rodgers - and that is all. (Reichert managed to do the right thing for once)
If the consensus is that this will die in the senate, why are the grand old fascists celebrating? Talk about desperate.…
Neither Reichert nor any of the recently-undecided House Republicans deserves a shred of credit for voting no. Ryan and the Republican leadership gave permission to reps in vulnerable districts only after they made sure they had *exactly* enough votes to pass anyway. They are just as complicit as the members of their caucus who voted yes for this immoral turd of a bill. They should NOT be allowed to think, "Whew, dodged a campaign bullet there."…
Incredibly sad that for both for ObamaCare and these bills, D's and R's didn't work together.

How they voted on the "Let the Poor and Sick DIE Bill"…

Let them know how you feel.
@10: THIS bill won't even see a vote, but don't worry, the Senate will pass something nearly as reprehensible using Budget Reconciliation.

Project Erase That Uppity Black Man's Presidency continues apace.
@12: I seem to remember BHO extending his had, over and over, to give 1 Republican Senator, just one, ANY one, whatever they wanted in order to have that bipartisan consensus.

and that hand was bitten.

obstruction was GOP policy from day one. the TEA Party rhetoric of 2010 was hysterical fear-mongering. this isn't "both sides do it".

@15 I seem to remember Bush Toadie David Frum was fired from his job at a conservative think tank for suggesting Republicans should work with Obama so they could at least get something they want since it was going to pass anyway.
"Elections matter."

Indeed. It's always been real bad, but the partisan divide just went ballistic under Obama. It's almost like there was some simple and childishly petty and divisive aspect to his very presence that the GOP were completely unwilling to overlook in the name of cooperation for the greater good. Though I'm probably just being paranoid.
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