Guest Editorial: To Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, We Need To Stop The Flow of Dollars


Back to things the city actually controls...I moved here carless a year ago. I was excited to live to a city where parking was optional and enjoyed saving $200 a month in parking alone. Until my neighbor pointed out that the city gives zoning permits for free to park on the street and that's what most people who live there do. How fortunate for car owners. What gives? The city certainly gives to car owners...
Canada is the largest import nation for US oil. Think on that reality a bit as you assess this deal. Think on that as you decide who to block.
@1: No, neighborhood parking permits are not free, it's like $65 per vehicle per year, which is certainly cheap, but not "free".

You're welcome to move back to wherever you came from any old time if you don't like it.
Oops, @1
@2 Canada produces more oil than it consumes. The U. S. consumes more oil than it produces. Canada has a growth rate a lot less than the U. S. (and a lot less the world average) despite fairly high migration. Canada has taken steps to limit the consumption of fossil fuels and already has high gas taxes. The U. S. hasn't. Canada sits on a huge supply of oil that could reach the global market (and thus be worth mining) if it was easier to do so. Basically Canada is poised to adhere to the Paris accords (and look spiffy with its oh so attractive Prime Minister) while simultaneously flooding the world with fossil fuels. Anything anyone (including Canadians) can do to stop that from happening should be embraced.
Shorter: All we need do to free ourselves from the tryranny of Oil Oligarchs is to stop using fossil fuels. Fortunately, renewables are now cheaper than coal and gas at utility scale.
Has the impact of this protest on blameless bank employees been thought through? No. Should a sustained protest keep branches shut, likely, these bank employees would be laid off, or if they are quota-based positions, fired.

This issue was faced but not resolved very well IMO in the 1990's by pro-forest-conservation activists WRT loggers, drivers, mmill employees being laid off.
When O'Brien puts pen to paper and calls out actual solutions to the homeless people literally dying on the streets of his district, maybe I'll read it. It's easy to stomp one's feet about an issue far away but attending to local issues -- from potholes to gun violence to opiate-driven crime and homelessness. These are what I voted for him to address and since he cannot effectively do so, he will not get my vote in the future.
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