Security Officers Claim Employer Retaliated Against Them for May Day Speech About Amazon Working Conditions


Betiel Desta is a woman.
They're going to go after Amazon's dog policy next. You can't have a dog near a prayer room. They're impure to Muslims and prevent Angels from entering the room.

This is how it starts....

It's unreasonable to demand prayer rooms at your place of employment. These individuals need to go work for a church or drop their sky daddy worship
This is about freedom of Religion. Or the more reasonable, freedom from Religion.

Any real progressive should side with rationality on this one and tell all religious nutters if they want to talk to their imaginary friend they must do it on their own time and in the common areas provided everybody else.
The Quran specifically says that if you work in an office building, they must set aside a conference room for you, and only other Muslims to pray in. I mean, Allah only exists in certain types of rooms, it can't be everywhere at once.
FYI, the rooms I've seen Muslims use for prayer at work are nothing fancy or special. Just a room. It's really not a burden, unless you have a bug up your butt about sky daddy religious nutters.

I'm as atheist as the next person, but this is primarily about exercise of power against workers, and tertiarily about religion.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
@8 not even close to the same. Thanks for playing!
Please return to memorizing the DNC's latest draft on a platform.
I really can't emphasize with religious issues like this. If your god cares about where you specifically pray to him/her/it you're in too deep with silly rules.