The Morning News: Hasegawa Joins the Mayoral Race, One of Murray's Accusers Appears on Camera For the First Time



Didn't morning news used to be more than mostly links to yesterday's Slog posts?
Yo, it's not a virus, and it's not ringworm (which is fungal). It's a worm worm.
Ed Murray is delusional, narcissistic, passive aggressive, suffers personality disorder, petulant, whiny, egoistic, suffers martyrdom, and is generally unlikeable and annoying. Good riddance.
Bob Hasegawa supports the income tax, so no way. Sorry.
Bob Hasegawa likely knows what the fuck he's doing because he's in Gubmint now, and not a n00b like Moon or Oliver. so yes way.

@4: how rich are you? your income is >250K? or is it a freedom-or-death slippery-slope argument over something that isn't going to fucking happen anyway? sorry!
"a potentially fatal ringworm. The only way to catch the virus"

Do Stranger writers need remedial biology classes?
Also, I just checked the linked article and it says "roundworm" in the title!

Do Stranger editors need remedial editing classes?
@ 6 & 7 YES and more.
Murray has been brutal to people who are struggling in this city and has used displacement and sweeps to terrorize the poorest people who need a decent place to live and need care. Care for those suffering from addiction, mental illness and extreme poverty which decimates our communities. This includes people who are working but cannot afford a place to live.