Who Is Mayoral Candidate Jenny Durkan?


An adult who has actually gotten shit done? No way the city (or the Stranger) will let this happen.
Fuck off, fuckofff. "Gotten shit done" is somehow immediately virtuous no matter what said shit may be? She is an obvious corporatist, who's deeply embedded in the current establishment. You know, the one that is obviously horribly flawed? Keep voting in the status quo and see all your city's money funneled to CEO's and developers at the expense of the general public. By all means, vote her in and watch wealth inequality soar.
The empire, I mean establishment, strikes back!
Thank you, Heidi, for another well written article. Jenny Durkan's track record looked promising until the mention of Shell Oil and McDonalds among her corporate clientele. I feel bad about Ed Murray's backing down with no support from fellow Democrats.
Like another commenter once suggested: A New McGinning?
I think it's more than a little bit silly to hold the sins of an attorney's clients against the attorney in almost all cases when evaluating a candidate for public office. Perhaps there's something immoral about voluntarily representing a wicked client in a wicked cause, but we're electing a mayor, not a priest. It's cheap moralism, and there's no good reason to think it provides useful information about her politics (a subject about which this article tells us basically nothing).
Does she ride a bike?
@4: Mike McGinn is the epitome of a mediocre white dude. Everything about his career is forgettable; why reward him for that?
@7, very good point. Remember that time McGinn totally solved the homeless problem here in Seattle? Yeah..I don't remember that either. But we did get some poorly planned bike lanes in NE Seattle.
White collar criminal defense attorney. So she works for the 1%. That should go over well in Seattle.
I'm encouraged by another person entering the race. I don't know her thoughts on any of the issues facing Seattle yet, but she seems to have a broad perspective—which will be better than some of the "single-issue" candidates we've had in the past. Looking forward to what all of these people have to say.
@9: That was my point @4.
@2, Yes, I believe the WA state Democratic Party wanted an electable Seattle Mayoral candidate who could play nice with the plutocrat power, as well as the political elites in KC and Olympia, and could prevent people like McGinn and Oliver, who could govern in an antagonistic manner toward those interests, from getting voted in.
@2: "obvious corporatist" is not something that I give a flying fuck about, since that slur put * in the white house.
@8: Jesus Christ Resurrected couldn't solve the homeless crisis in Seattle. it's national. it doesn't stop at Shoreline.

I don't want Nikkita Oliver, and I don't want Bill Bryant. I want a competent administrator who can balance competing interests and make sure the streets are plowed. She might be great. Hasegawa as well. Fuck, McGinn looks good compared to Murray's tenure.
Working for a large corporate firm that has greedy capitalists as clients does not have any bearing on an individual's core beliefs. With that in mind, anybody with the nickname "The Fixer" that wants to work for the benefit of PEOPLE, not "The Trump Agenda", has my vote!!
#14...completely agree
@15 I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not that working for a greedy corporate clients should have any bearing on her beliefs.

The fact is Durkan could have worked for any firm she wanted to when she left the US Attorney job. She chose a firm that represents the likes of Shell, McDonalds, Waste Management etc. I don't know how that doesn't reflect on her values.
What does citing a few corporate clients of a world wide law firm of 650 lawyers tell us about Ms. Durkan? It is a misleading attempt to suggest she is aligned with these causes, when it does not appear she had anything to do with the legal work - work which was likely done in a different geographic office of this firm.
I'm totally mailing in my democracy vouchers for Jenny!
@17 If we are going to pin all of Quinn Emanuel's corporate clients on Durkan, then she should also get credit for the notable pro bono work the firm undertakes on behalf of indigent clients.

A small sampling: http://www.quinnemanuel.com/careers/our-…

I don't know, maybe it's just me, and I never met Jenny, but I keep seeing an unwelcome Trumpzillian elephant's butt-ugly Shell Oil rig parked in Puget Sound and the ensuing public outcry until the monstrosity was finally removed and Shell backed down last summer. Slimy Seattle Port Commissioner-turned-Equally-Crooked-GOP-Governor-Candidate Bill Bryant secretly green lighted the underhanded fossil fuel conspiracy behind closed doors all hush-hush.
I live outside Seattle and can't cast my vote, but I sincerely hope the next mayor of Seattle is someone who puts the needs of the people above corporate profits, can help champion affordable housing that works for everybody, helps end police brutality and corruption, shows apt concern for the environment by addressing climate change, and soundly progressive plans for the future by helping end gridlock--in legislature and on I-5.
I may not live in Seattle anymore, but I do care about it.
Jenny Durkan would be an outstanding mayor. She is smart, has good judgment, has been on both sides of the aisle, and could get things done. She is a civil rights champion, an accomplished lawyer who has fought for the rights of everyone, and a fair and balanced leader. I knew her in college long ago, and she was a motivated person determined to protect personal rights, perhaps because she was a lesbian when it wasn't "acceptable" to be one. One courageous, tough, smart broad. Perfect, and just what we need.
@23 Yjudge: You and others make some strong points for Jenny Durkan. May the best candidate win and the change in mayoral leadership be good for all.
"Durkan is well-connected in the state Democratic Party. ... Durkan is personally and professionally close with former Governor Christine Gregoire."

Barf. No thank you.
@25 - "barf?" Razor sharp insight.
Since we now know a requirement to be Mayor of Seattle involves contending with groundless lawsuits from anti-gay bigot Jack Connelly of Tacoma, it's good our next gay Mayor is a tough attorney. Even Connelly, who has thrown thousands upon thousands of dollars down the toilet of anti-TG bathroom Initiatives, might think twice about tangling with her.
Who is going to piss away the least amount of our money? That is the only question that matters. Possibly her?
I look forward to her platform and that of Jessus Farrell. No other declared candidates, in love with spending my bucks on other people's homes, the homeless and other SJW agendas will see my vote or dollars. I care little about who her clients were, but do care about her beliefs.
I mean Jessyn. Darn auto correct
1. Anyone representing clients like that made her bones by lying for them at the expense of the general public. That's how the world of Big Law works.

2. We've got a gay Roman Catholic mayor now, let's not elect another right away -- it's a bad way to have been raised.
so I was right: Democrats will ensure Seattle gets its first Republican mayor in decades.
She did not "raid pot shops" she shut down a medical marijuana front that was posing as a cooperative only to sell to people without 'green cards.'

"It turned out the “cooperative” was actually just a for-profit, drug-dealing enterprise. Eventually federal agents busted Dieffenbach and his then-girlfriend for trying to smuggle pot across state lines and selling pounds of pot to people without authorized medical cards. In August 2012, he pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy and money laundering.

“A green cross in the front window does not grant a license to sell pounds of drugs out the back door,” said then-U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan,""

- from this story: http://tdn.com/news/local/from-hendrix-v…