While it may be primarily directed at Seattle newbies, the 2017 edition of The Stranger Visitor's Guide to Seattle could very well serve cranky long time residents, too. It's a glossy many-paged reminder about the stuff you maybe haven't crossed off your bucket list yet, or places you haven't tried in your time kicking it around here, or (gasp!) maybe a few places you didn't even know existed.

We have all kinds of worthy suggestions to offer.

Of course, there are picks for Seattle's Best Tourist Attractions (duh, the Space Needle but also, MoPOP). We've also got a breakdown of the Best and Most Unique Tours in Seattle (go Underground!).

For the visual art culture seekers, we have recs on the Best Places to See Art (Frye and SAM included), while those who are more into the city's lively literary scene can find out about Seattle's Best Bookstores, Literary Events, and Libraries (Elliot Bay!!). If you're more outdoorsy, then we've got you covered with the Best Parks and Beaches in Seattle.

We also have a Guide for First Time Pot Buyers (you might know where to find it, but are you hip to the area's laws about where you can smoke it?), and because we have such an expansive offering of places to get caffeinated, we've also shared some of our picks for the Best Coffee Shops in Seattle (i.e., not Starbucks).

The city is currently experiencing a restaurant renaissance and we have not only a guide to the 10 Best Restaurants in Seattle (new places and mainstays), but we've recommended another 50 Seattle Restaurants with quality menu offerings, and our selections for the Best Late Night Meals in Seattle (touching on 15 places serving full menus after 10 p.m.).

Want to get your drink or dance on, not sure where to go that'll be best suited to your mood? Check out this breakdown of Best Bars and Clubs in Seattle; we've also got a guide to the Best Gay Clubs, Shops, and Bars in Seattle.

If that's not enough for you, here's Your Complete Guide To Recurring Cheap & Easy Events In Seattle, and it covers every day of the week. There's no way you can't find something to do here.

Look out for a copy while hoofing it around town—and if you're impatient to see it now, here's the Digital Edition and here's all the stories collected together in one place online. Enjoy!