KEXP Will Help You Deal with Chris Cornell's Death


Nobody can really ever deal with a suicide, it's an unsolvable riddle that haunts us all.
He is at peace now. Peace is a good thing to my way of thinking regardless of how one gets there. Others may feel differently about being at Peace and getting there.
All the Space Needle could muster is ONE hour of darkness. Thanks privately owned Space Needle Corp. Why is a city landmark a for-profit company? How did that happen again?

That's the other side of Seattle, the overly practical, owner-wins anal engineer side that Cornell rebelled and won against. The side that tore down the Doghouse, The Music Hall, RckCndy, OK Hotel and the B&O cafe just so developer scum could suck more bucks off of poor renters. This city, or even better, Everett, is a place where workers turned on their bosses with firearms.
Look up the Wobblies. Seattle shouldn't just be about music revolutionaries, it should be about revolutionaries again, period. Amazon is essentially a giant small business murderer that should be in antitrust court tomorrow. Evict the moneytraders from the Temple...
@2: When someone no longer exists, peace is irrelevant.
I sure absolutely and totally agree with that comment by Antinet.
So sick of that shit! We are the people that will still be here after this parade of greed stops it's destruction and these people move on to the next "booming city" they can level to the ground to line their pockets.
It's OUR HOME. If you can't respect it, we don't want you!