Guest Editorial: It's Time for Real Police Reform in Seattle


It's time for real police reform nationwide! We need a fundamentally different model of policing. We don't need Enforcers roaming the street, we need protectors. We need investigators. We need witnesses. We don't need an armed gang with a license to kill.
I'd love to see the kind of reform the author describes here, but using the Che Taylor incident as a rallying point isn't helping your cause.
What 3 said. I fail to understand why those seeking reform continue to use the worst possible case. We have a country full of guns and we have over-policing of some communities. But a violent felon gets shot by police while committing a new felony and this police overreach?
@5, Che Taylor's original RAPE victim is sleeping better at night knowing he's dead.
Excellent and important editorial.
I am fairly sure that no version of the current legislation, including any Community Police Commission (CPC) amendments, would change "the role the Commission could play in the actual investigation": the CPC can review and critique patterns, but they cannot review a specific investigation.
I also see nothing in legislation that allows CPC to "go beyond merely making recommendations of improvement": that is the only role the CPC has had and the only role the CPC will have going forward.
The problem remains that the CPC filters and moderates community input in ways that impair robust discussions of what true reform mght look like; see:…

BLM and its affiliates sure do love alternative facts don't they?
@12, they sure learned a great deal from the right, that's for certain.
The police are a militarized armed force that patrol and brutalize certain communities - low income, people of color, working class and protesters. We have more people in prison per capita than any other nation on the face of the earth. It will take more than reform to change that. The city pays 51% of its budget on law enforcement. Punitive answers to everything that worries the privileged.
@14: What's the punitive answer to the privileged who worry about crime?