Police Reports Illustrated: Man Refuses Shotgun, Gets Hammered


Wait. What?!!
I'd rather defend the guy with the hammer.
i've seen a few cases where the allegedly drunk driver excuses the driving by an attempt to escape an assault. not usually winning arguments... but it could happen.
@2, I agree. The hammer guy's attorney has a case to make for his client under the law:

RCW 9A.16.020
Use of force—When lawful.
The use, attempt, or offer to use force upon or toward the person of another is not unlawful in the following cases:

(6) Whenever used by any person to prevent a mentally ill, mentally incompetent, or mentally disabled person from committing an act dangerous to any person, or in enforcing necessary restraint for the protection or restoration to health of the person, during such period only as is necessary to obtain legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person.

The consumption of the alcohol "mentally disabled" the person in the car to the point that they were about to "commit... an act dangerous to any person." You think?
"during such period only as is necessary to obtain legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person" is restrictive, to this Internet lawyer.

Hammer Dude was not making any attempt to obtain legal authority for restraint or custody, and would never obtain such authority.
No good deed goes unpunished.
Callan's ads strike it again:

The Chloe:
"Kill Me"

And his friend can now say he got hammered that night, twice. They must both be so proud.
The buddy was like "Stop Hammer Time!" And the drive was like "I'm Too Legit to Quit."
The old SPD would have put business cards in these guys' hands besides just arresting them.
No SPD business cards????
Last year I was wrestling with a (now former) wildly inebriated and coked-up friend trying to get his keys because he was insisting on driving from Belltown to north of Ballard at 2 am on a Saturday night.

And he broke my fucking leg. Ruined my life for a goddamn year and I'm just now able to walk fairly well again.

Perhaps I should have been arrested for assault, too.
I used to live in an apartment building overlooking the parking lot of the Cadillac Grill. (Talk about "free cable"!) Once in a while, I had to make a post-last-call to SPD with a description of the vehicle and and the wobbling, hapless driver who struggled to negotiate the insertion of his key into the door. No hammer was necessary – ever.
@5 - actually, he flagged down the cops, so yes, he was trying to find someone with legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person. I'd say the bigger problem is trying to explain why smashing a window qualifies as "necessary restraint," or even any kind of restraint.
@3 I had a friend who successfully defended a drunk driver on that basis. Another friend prosecuted it and lost. I think the DA and public defender though it was fun to put their newest recruits from the same school against each other and see what happened. The defense was total BS under the circumstances, but the jury bought it.