Four of the 18 people running for mayor. Clockwise, from top left: Bob Hasegawa, Nikkita Oliver, Mike McGinn, Cary Moon
Four of the 21 people running for mayor. Clockwise, from top left: Bob Hasegawa, Nikkita Oliver, Mike McGinn, Cary Moon WA LEGISLATURE, TIMOTHY AGUERO, KELLY O, NATE GOWDY

You can stop your speculating about who is or isn't running for mayor of Seattle. The deadline to file has just passed and we have our final list of candidates. (It's after the jump.)

In the mayor's race, frontrunners will be former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan, lawyer and educator Nikkita Oliver, former mayor Mike McGinn, urban planner Cary Moon, and state legislators Jessyn Farrell and Bob Hasegawa. Yeah, I know that's a lot of frontrunners, but that's what happens when an incumbent mayor ends his re-election bid amid allegations he sexually abused teen boys. McGinn has serious name recognition. Durkan's campaign has reportedly raised more than $100,000 since its formal launch last week. Oliver has grassroots support and raised about $34,000 as of May 7, according to state records.

In the city council races, incumbent Lorena González should have an easy path to re-election in citywide Position 9. Position 8, also a citywide seat, will attract significant attention and money. Tenant advocate Jon Grant and labor advocate Teresa Mosqueda are frontrunners. The city attorney's race will be surprisingly competitive. (You can use your democracy vouchers for the city council or city attorney races. Lost 'em? Click here.)

But then there's the port commission, a bunch of unopposed King County Council members who'll walk to re-election, and the school board. (There are also a handful of state legislative races, which are not included below.) As always, we'll lock ourselves in a conference room with these assholes this summer and then tell you which of them to vote for ahead of the primary and general elections. The candidates have until Monday to change their mind and withdraw, according to King County Elections, so here's hoping Alex Tsimerman takes advantage of that. Otherwise, if you'd like to send whiskey, I'm on Venmo.


Nikkita Oliver
Mike McGinn
Cary Moon
Bob Hasegawa
• Jenny Durkan
Jessyn Farrell
Harley Lever
Michael Harris
• James W. Norton, Jr.
Casey Carlisle
Jason Roberts
• Alex Tsimerman
Mary Martin
Keith Whiteman
Greg Hamilton
• Tiniell Cato
• Dave Kane
• Thom Gunn
• Gary E. Brose
• Larry Oberto
• Lewis Jones

Seattle City Council Citywide Position 8:

Jon Grant
Teresa Mosqueda
Sheley Secrest
Mac McGregor
Sara Nelson
Hisam Goueli
Charlene Strong
Rudy Pantoja Jr.

Seattle City Council Citywide Position 9:

Lorena González
Pat Murakami
Eric Smiley
Ty Pethe
David Preston
Ian Affleck-Asch
• Pauly Giuglianotti

Seattle City Attorney:

Pete Holmes
Scott Lindsay

King County Executive

Dow Constantine
Bill Hirt
Stan Lippmann

King County Sheriff

• John Urquhart
• Mitzi Johanknecht

King County Council District 1
• Rod Dembowski

King County, Council District 3
Kathy Lambert
John Murphy

King County Council District 5
• Dave Upthegrove

King County Council District 7
Pete von Reichbauer

King County Council District 9
Reagan Dunn
• Denice Carnahan

Port of Seattle Commission Position 1:

John Creighton
Ryan Calkins
• Claudia Kauffman
• Bea Querido-Rico

Port of Seattle Commission Position 3:

Stephanie Bowman
• Ahmed Abdi
• Lisa Espinosa

Port of Seattle Commission Position 4:

John Persak
• Peter Steinbrueck
Fernando Martinez
Preeti Shridhar
• Ray Armitstead
• Brooks Salazar
• Richard Pope
• Ken Rogers

Seattle School District 1, Director District 4

Eden Mack
Sean Champagne
• Herbert Camet, Jr.
• Jeff Jones
Megan Locatelli Hyska
• Jennifer Crow
• Darrell Toland
• Lisa Melenyzer
• Anh Nguyen

Seattle School District 1, Director District 5

Zachary Pullin DeWolf
Alec Cooper
• Omar Vasquez
Andre Helmstetter
• Candace Vaivadas
• Michelle Sarju

Seattle School District 1, Director District 7

• Betty Patu
• Tony Hemphill
• Chelsea Byers

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