Food News: Ray's Does Brunch, Vestal Reboots, F.X. McRory's Moves, and More!


"Very sweet of her, but unless you're worried that upper-middle-class white lesbian couples with kids can't afford to end their evening dog walk with ice cream for their brood, I think you're good. Opening an artisan ice cream shop in Columbia City is basically a drop in the bucket at this point."

Wow, really? Sure, Columbia City continues its gentrification and the particle board condos and tear downs and remodels, er, revitalization, continue at a fever pitch, but the heart and soul of the neighborhood is still as one of Seattle's few diverse oasis in its ever growing, chilly sea of white. Your personal view, a gross stereotype, oversimplification and mental gentrification, does not change that fact. A sharp business owner, is aware of the nuanced and varied meanings of "location, location, location." Anyway, I feel better now and that's my point,,,,
As someone who works in the building that hosts Vestal and has 0 interest in going there, it's more like, "Maybe these fucks don't want to spend $40 on lunch. Maybe they're not pinatas full of cash after all."

I can't wait until the end of Vestal 2.0 when it gets rebooted as a tandoori and/or dosa spot... something that the neighbors actually want.