"Maybe you could just, like, stick one finger, like y'know, to compare them?"

I hope Cazzie David doesn't bristle at constantly being described as "LD's daughter." It's a truth that probably helped her launch a web-series. And it's her sense of humor—which feels partly inherited and very fresh at the same time—that makes the series completely worth watching. Titled Eighty-Sixed, it consists of four short and hilarious episodes, written and produced by Elisa Kalani and David herself.

David plays Remi, a young woman whose ex-boyfriend has recently broken up with her. She copes with typical post-heartbreak insecurities in completely inappropriate ways. In one episode, she needs a photo of herself going out and having fun, but she can't post it herself (because that would be so try). She approaches other party-goers, begging someone to post it and tag her. In another bit, while a friend is mourning her mother's newfound tumor, Remi needs to change the subject—to herself.

The show satirizes social media posturing and dissects the minutiae of modern friendship. All the while, it nests its lacerating depictions of phone-obsessed, self-absorbed millennials in a bed of empathy. Like Curb (sorry!), it will make you cringe and laugh. It's a funny picture of a young person who endures shameful, time-consuming compulsions that you might recognize within your own life. (Second person because first would be too close for comfort here.)

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Here's the first episode, "Promise I'll Win":

Watch all of Eighty-Sixed here. You can finish the whole thing during your lunch break with time to spare.

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