The second annual TUFFEST—a musical and visual arts extravaganza focusing on performances and works by female, nonbinary, and trans artists—will be happening Saturday August 26 at Judkins Park (noon-10 pm, free, all ages, funded by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture). In addition, TUFFEST will host workshops and panel discussions for aspiring musicians and DJs, and hold an afterhours party, TUFFEST 'til Dawn at a location to be confirmed. These events are organized by TUF, a local collective that seeks to counter the preponderance of white-male-dominated bills in Seattle's electronic-music scene by championing women, nonbinary, and trans musicians and DJs. Last year's initial TUFFEST drew hundreds of people and offered several riveting live performances and illuminating workshops; it served as a capstone to the organization's inspirational agenda and bodes well for this year's edition. Watch the video below for forthcoming lineup information.