Am I The Only One Who Didn't Like the Twin Peaks Revival?


I think it's going to divide folks pretty damn quick - it's made pretty abundantly clear from the start of the first episode that this isn't for folks just looking for a warm blanket of nostalgia.

The young guy, in the room staring at the glass box is Lynch's best jab in all this. He's there, watching for something that he's unsure of, a bit doe eyed and complacent, barely even curious. Then he ends up seeing something horrifying and misses seeing what we all came for (Coop) - while eventually part of the mythos most likely, this was Lynch up front saying newcomers, this show is not for you / if you're looking for nostalgia go away. Fans of Mulholland, Inland Empire, and ones who actually liked Fire Walk With Me - this is all for you.
Based on my facebook feed - yes, you are the only one.
It was beyond fantastic.

Thanks for writing this. You're not the only one. I loved Mulholland Drive, but I don't like the unhinged style that came to the fore in Inland Empire, and from what I've seen so far, the new show is more IE than MD. I was underwhelmed. The brutality is also tiresome.
There were six killings in part one and two, not three.
The body in the bed at Ruth's apartment is a man's body. Ruth's body and the unknown man's head are both missing. That makes two.
The couple in the glass box room makes four.
Evil Coop kills the principal's wife and Darlene for a total of six.
That's just in part one and two, I haven't seen part 3 and 4 yet.
I think the girl's name maybe Daria not Darlene.
As a fan of the original, I find it odd that anybody would expect nostalgia from Lynch. Much like Fire Walk With Me had its similarities and differences, so too will this. The world changes.
Senses and sense organs change. Only The Black Lodge stays the same.
Watch it again as a comedy.

Like "On The Air".

He his hysterically messing with you.
If you love David Lynch's cannon you'll love this, if you hate everything he did except Twin Peaks you'll hate this. It has nothing that do with Lynch peaking, but has everything thing to do with him having creativity freedom.

I think this is why I prefer most of my media to be pretty tame, honestly.

If I want to be challenged, I go to the gym,do religious stuff, or improve myself.

If I want to be depressed, I read the news.

If I want to be impressed by art, I'll go to a museum.

Stuff like this just isn't my bag, really.
Yes, you are the only one. I think you don't like Lynch's surreal style. If it's not for you, i recommend to don't watch season 3. We will.