Muckleshoot Shooting Inquest: Boyfriend Gives Emotional Testimony Recounting Day of Renee Davis' Death


Just awful.

Not even talking about the cops, okay, but about Renee Davis and her family and loved ones and community.
Wait -- they don't speak of the dead for a year??

#2 it's a sign of respect for the dead, and part of the grieving process. in some tribes it's more than a year.

I sat in on a panel tonight with someone from the oversight board. the time it took police from pounding down the door to shooting her was less than a minute. this was at night after receiving a call from the boyfriend that she was suicidal. the police were so interested in getting inside, they weren't protecting the children, and one of them witnessed their mother being killed.

no de-escalation, no emergency mental health professionals called, nothing. just knock down the door, "POLICE!" and bang bang bang. surveillance footage shows bullets shooting out of the house from the inside.

this is beyond tragic.