The basement of Black Dog Forge played a significant role in Seattle's grunge music history—the 30-by-30-foot underground Belltown space is where Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Presidents of The United States of America, Brad, Green Apple Quick Step, and many other bands were known to practice for nearly three decades. (Currently, you'll find The Briefs rehearsing high-octane punk tunes there, and it's even a stop on the Stalking Seattle rock n' roll sightseeing tour.)

Unfortunately, the proprietors of the blacksmith shop, Louie Raffloer and Mary Gioia, are being forced out after a quarter of a century operating Black Dog Forge, as the owners of the building are putting it up for sale.

The price tag is intimidatingly high—$4 million—but a GoFundMe campaign has been launched in their honor to try and wrangle together the funds so they can make a bid on the building.

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From the "Save Seattle Music History" campaign site:

If every fan of the Seattle music scene donates only one dollar, we can make our goal. Please help. All money raised will go directly to Mary and Louie who will then buy the building. If the entire amount isn't raised, they hope to find an investor willing to buy the building with them.

Donate to the cause here, and help keep a grunge landmark from meeting its potential demise.