Police Reports Illustrated: Man Dances in the Street


... white people coffee
Callan, you're too much
This is the sort of insane behavior I would expect to take place at 3AM, not 6PM. The Central District must be a real weird place.

I really love this one though. Keep brightening my Fridays, Callan!
We gotta be not much more than a couple years at most off from doing that thing in Russia where every single vehicle on the streets being equipped with a dash mounted video camera. Ugh.
Love your work, but I'd also like to cast my vote for the idea of a weed store gentrifying a neighborhood as the most Seattle thing that has ever happened.
My favorite part is the descriptive shop names in the background. I can always tell exactly where it is... *cough*Union Coffee*cough*
Don't get out of your car to confront people.