Inquest Jury: Officers Feared for Lives, Didn't Show Concern for Welfare, Before Fatally Shooting Renee Davis


They cannot be trusted
@1, if only you and everyone like you signed up to be cops - you could change everything!
@2: By running a 5150 on you?
Those two cowardly fucking pieces of shit murdered that young woman and should be in prison. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to work with SPD cops and their Barney Fife-like King County cohorts in a professional capacity, and my guess is that these twits probably got a sadistic thrill out of shooting her, other than being scared shitless that they might get in trouble. Pretty much everything seems to scare these twits. Is it any wonder that the "profession" has the highest alcoholism, domestic violence, suicide, depression and substance abuse rates of almost any other? It's not the job, but the damaged and fucked up people attracted to it. I particularly love the new skinhead look that they're all so fond of now. Cowards of a feather stick together.
Can I​ ask about the jurors finding the cops weren't concerned for her welfare going in to her room? What is the view of why they went in there at all -- aggression, or perceiving a threat against themselves?

Those are possible, but from this reporting it seems likely to me, maybe I'm naive, that they still were afraid she would hurt herself and went in for that reason. Badly. Went in like a fucking home invasion, escalated aggressively, and then got scared when she had a gun too, and killed her.

Was there evidence given that points away from any welfare concern, or points towards other motivations?
Not that their motivation matters for shit in the end, but it was a question asked here

I don't know these cops. But even the cops who are decent people are bad cops, because they're trained to escalate, create trouble, and then kill the instant they feel at risk from the trouble they created.
It is only the cops who say Renee had a gun. It doesn't show on the video. Why did they shoot her in the heart from the front then she was shot twice from behind, once in the back and once in the thigh? Was that to ensure she was dead? "Dead men tell no tales". In this case an innocent young pregnant women and mother of three children. Worst part one of the two cops is still working the Rez.
Melody Adams-Forsstrom
"Now they get to keep their jobs, basically, no questions asked". 33 questions were asked and answered by the jury.
I didn't realize you all were at the scene of the crime?