Guest Editorial: Seattle’s Sweeps Policies Ignore Sex Workers


All anti-whoring laws are about slut-shaming, nothing else. It is a completely victim-less crime [not referring to human enslavement here]. If you can legally sell your blood, your hair, your tissues, the same logic applies to your a$$. We are paying ridiculous police salaries, immense court costs, and public defender fees from our tax $$ to bust harmless sex workers - all because wealthy prudes think whores need slut-shaming. Do not forget that all this intense and long-term law enforcement we throw at sex work has not made a dent in the amount of prostitution in our society. It is a fact.

Note that anti-whoring laws came into prominence in 'murikuh only after women established the right to vote. Slut-shaming is good policy for keeping sex-starved husbands from wandering.