For Democrats to have success in these districts will require "Seattle Liberals" to tolerate a centrist who will be supportive of things like gun rights. Pramila Jayapal Is was an excellent candidate and now representative for the 7th District, but wouldn't be for the 5th.
Apologies for the bad grammar. When are we going to get an edit function around here?
Every time The Stranger writes one of these angsty-teen-ish "Fucking fuck ___, yeah!" articles, the resulting reaction by myself and probably most people who read it is "I have no choice but to now support whatever The Stranger is yelling at me to support"
Well Microsoft PAC is sponsoring this fundraising effort. So it's not eastern Washington, but western Washington money that is fueling McMorris Rodgers and Trumpsters! So yeah, with this lot, kiss the climate treaty, free contraception and pre-existing health coverage, voting rights protection, consumer and privacy protections goodbye.

That's why the $5,000 plate dinner is here. Geez. Get a clue. Your enemies are sitting right at your table. Heck, they own your table, chair and you.
Democrats succeed when they run as DEMOCRATS. Not 'lite' Republicans.
Microsoft Pac? Screw them!
I'm at least getting a huge tax cut. Don't know why any of you are supporting trump. Guess it has something to do with email turning your kids gay.
If, like me, you can't get to Bellevue to protest that evil woman tonight, donate to her Democratic opponent, Ben Stuckart. I just did.…
I live in Cathy McMorris Rodger's district.

We call her Katrina Cathy --after her suspicious ten-day disappearing act during the worst of our firestorms and her failure to address waves of wildfire related homeowner's insurance cancellations.

Almost all of Spokane media is now owned by the notoriously corrupt Cowles family--and despite her acknowledged incompetence, the Spokesman Review still endorsed McMorris Rodgers precisely because she hadn't accomplished anything they could point to-- other than that pesky unresolved ethics issue.

McMorris Rodgers is a simpleton placeholder of limited intelligence. She lies at town meetings, gets busted in those lies via a simple google search, and now refuses to do open town hall meetings, like ever.

McMorris Rodgers also seems to benefit from a secret "gentlewoman's" turf agreement with Sen Cantwell and Murray-- who both refused to endorse Colville Federated Tribal powerhouse Dem Joe Pakootas or be seen actively campaigning with him and with the aid of disgraced, former State Dem chair Ravens, Pakootas found himself fighting both partie's leadership in his bid to unseat McMorris Rodger's.

Nevermind her longstanding career is not merit based, but one defined by appointments, being propped up by local media, and the enablement of the state's Dems. Her degree comes via an unaccredited, at the time, fundamentalist diploma mill.

Hmmm, could it be Sen Murray gets a highway to nowhere funded out of Metaline WA to benefit Tech Comico, aka the Columbia River's most toxic dumper north of Hanford, so yeah, whatever, it seems fitting Murray'd be opposed to rubbing shoulders with the best candidate to challenge McMorris Rodgers since Mc Morris Rodger's replacement of Netthercutt. Pakootas successfully hauled the Canadian Mining company through the courts, creating an embarrassing situation for corporate addict Murray, now hard put to rationalize the corporate welfare, environmentally sketchy road she'd just got funded at taxpayer expense, and explain away the malfeasance of the worthless EPA.

Meanwhile the open pit uranium mine on the Spokane Nation remains a 5-decade long toxic nightmare and McMorris Rodgers and Murray/Cantwell seem loathe to assist the Spokane Tribe in getting their casino built to maybe fund the same health clinics the Kalispel's already got built.

Politics are messy in the 5th-- a fitting mirror to the politicians of both parties who claim to represent us. No wonder Pakootas/Sanders posed such a threat to "the order" of all things eastern WA.
Microsoft? Trust the process.
Will McMorris have a militia force providing security for this event like her last appearance in the state?
"death panel cathy", what is a preexisting condition? When I say "downwinder" I don't mean from a grow operation. I'm talking about Hanford radiation, and what people refuse to talk about. When I left civilization again to help my mother with cancer here in Spokane I will never forgive the media on how my mother was terrified about even talking about pot for chemo & radiation sickness. My mother & I worked at Interlake School in Medical Lake. Interlake School residents looked like the births from Fallujah after internationally illegal depleted uranium bombings.. "Atomic Farmgirls", Teri Hein....…
Though she may have previously been unbeatable, I believe many of the issues you cite above have the potential to tip the scales and that Democrats do have a solid chance of winning this race. I also believe that Lisa Brown's 20 year experience as a state legislator and former Speaker of the House makes her a solid competitor for the seat.
I would love to see Cathy McMorris Rogers and all her equally repulsive RepubliKKKans eat dog shit on a dirty plate for $5,000.00 each, chew, swallow, and choke upon a Democratic takeover. True justice would then be served.
@17: Correction: I would love to see Cathy McMorris Rodgers and all her equally repulsive RepubliKKKans eat dog shit on a dirty plate for $5,000.00 each, chew, swallow, and choke upon a Democratic takeover. True justice would then be served.
I live in the 5th District and I am an Activist Democrat. We have worked hard to replace CMR WITH A democrat have been leading protests against her for years. What we needed and NEVER GOT was HELP from the DNC to get a Democrat elected. We have had really Good candidates. One was a a successful businessman and an actual Eagle Scout. It would have been a real 'Coup' to seat her.
But neither the State or National Democrats seemed to care. All they seemed to care about was how much MONEY we could raise.

She's not popular in Spokane. We'd love ❤️ to remove her! It will need to be a whole state effort!
@16 is Lisa Brown definitely running? I'd work on that campaign.

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