What We Know About the Lockdown and Unrest at Evergreen State College


"We want a discussion!"
"Ok, well personally I disagree that..."

Does that basically sum it up?
I've read about 6-7 articles including student newspaper and you have summed it up perfectly.

The only proviso is that it is POSSIBLE that there may be true racist incidents on campus but students will not provide facts and details but just make claims.
You are lying.
Simple as that.
You are lying.
And considering the author, she (?) has done a fairly fair job.

Yep. Pretty much.

As a Person of Color myself, I see the intention in the Day of Absence but its not an executable premise and they way that they went about it seemed only a set-up to being divisive even if there were not actual intentions of creating a large problem. I guess I take this is as a high minded but weak on execution collective idea that in retrospect now, seems like it could only have backfired as presented.

@3 - Do you have a link for this? I'm not doubting it. I'd just like to see what he said on Fox though I don't think its a smart move to ever appear on Fox news. The WSJ has a paywall, so reading the article there is a no go.
Bullying isn't bullying when black america does it because....something,something buzzwords.
@6: Any post involving race is catnip to Herr Wurst, and he's way too tripper happy to think about backing up his assertions with a link.
@8: No, his interview with Tucker Carlson is not race baiting despite being embedded in the Breitbart article.
Excellent 2 hour interview with Weinstein. Seems to be a passionate and articulate guy who speaks from his heart and does not fit into any category so easily. He has my support.

Not even The Onion could've scripted this.

The Left is one giant, dead, joke.
@6: The protest makes perfect sense to me, it grabs attention and spurs discussion. All well and good.

But these people don't seem to want a discussion, as can be seen at the tantrum they threw because some white devil who only agrees with them 98% instead of 100% had a mild disagreement.

If you just want a pat on the head and to have your own ideas parroted back at you for reassurance, that's fine, but don't lie and say you wanted a discussion when you do not have the maturity to handle a discussion.
And of course, to be politically correct, asking white students to leave campus cannot be considered race baiting because their white privilege nullifies such an otherwise logical assertion; am I right?
@15 They didn't ask whites to leave campus, they demanded it. In the end the police even told Weinstein they couldn't guarantee his safety if he came to campus. These ridiculous children are now trying to back pedal as fast as they can but it won't work. In addition to being racist snowflakes they are deeply stupid in thinking there isn't a record of what they tried to do.

It's likely the Crtl-left has finally jumped the shark. There has been of recent a kind of shark-jumping olympics around the country (primarily in the academy, much of it rotten to the core with regressive leftists), but this one seems to have struck a nerve. Those of us on the left have been tired of these fucksticks for a long time now - they are one reason Trump is in power. I hope this is the beginning of the end for this kind of stupidity.
The students are taking notes from the brown-shirts in Germany in the 30s. And, ironically, they wanted racial purity too.
LOL!!! George Carlin was right, politcal correctness is fascism. A very loud part of the Left decided to embrace fascism as they claim to be against it.

Stalin and Hitler would be very proud of those students at Evergreen..very proud.
Check out the 3 hour interview with Bret Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Experience today! I've been following this closely and I think it is clear that Dr. Weinstein is a reasonable, very progressive faculty member at one of the most liberal arts colleges in the United States. Just watch the videos of the students verbally abusing the President of the College George Bridges (an award winning teacher) who does everything humanly possible to be as gentle and compromising as possible. He even thanks the verbally abusive protesters and offers to feed them. Protesters seem drunk with power and it is frightening to see what can happen. If these people were in charge we'd be looking at an American "Cultural Revolution".
@19 Neither Stalin nor Hilter were Fascists. They were something else. Actual Fascists Benito Mussolini and his followers a long time ago found the tactics used by the regressive left today much to their advantage. In the early 20s he and his followers attended the speeches, rallies and meetings of those politically opposed to them and disrupted them, sometimes violently, shouting them down and shutting them down. It was such a successful strategy that in 1922 Mussolini rose to power.

Hitler and Stalin were taking careful notes.

Reap what you sow, progressives. Reap what you sow.
Good observation. I saw the video a few days ago on the WSJ site (before the paywall) via Realclearpolitics.com. The students were quite intimidating to Professor Weinstein. "Fail" comes to mind in the execution of this Day of Absence protest. It was absurd to think the act wouldn't sow discord among the student body and dissent from reasonable professors like Weinstein.

The Academy in America is in trouble. It's painfully obvious from the past 3-4 months or so. Most unfortunate.
@14 Oh yes, I think your point of view has some weight.

Additionally, too, I think the context of this being a liberal university is not lost but... a little muddled, I guess? I was an academic for a while before I transitioned into the better paying tech sector. These sorts of highly idealistic, flash bang attempts at activism are same shit, different day on almost all campuses. The faculty and students sympathetic to the activist side praise and headpat them and the faculty and students who don't give a fuck continue not giving a fuck. Unless otherwise provoked into action, administrators just sorta ignore the whole thing. Everyone "wins". Rinse, repeat because nothing much ever comes of it other than momentary symbolic action or outrage.

I'm not sure this actually deserves a whole lot of national attention because its not really any better or worse than any other liberal activist call for action on most campuses. It just happened to get national attention. But when these things do, the activist groups tend not to be favorably viewed - usually because their message is incoherent or too Ivory Tower.
Mao more than ever!
I am still trying to figure out what was so horrible about Rashida Love's original request. White America being asked to be a visible part of the fight against racism? Heaven forbid!

Changing the weight, direction and onus of The Day of Absence to those most privileged was a brilliant move. Weinstein's whine about the request is the epitome of racism. Why should he be asked to do anything to help fix the problem? The audacity!

What this really highlights is the racism of the American Left. We see this all the time, as people wave the flag of "ally" or "turncoat", rather than admitting they are at best "deprogrammed". Weinstein is a shining example of the white moderate MLK spoke about in The Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Have we really learned so little in the past 50+ years?
I thought nothing could ever top those priledged authoritarians at Yale protesting Halloween costumes, but this may top that for shock value:



Nice, it only took you an entire goddamn week to cover this story.


Watch this and then tell me that we're dealing with mature, rational adults in this situation.

These people harass and intimidate a Jewish professor for opposing what is in effect racial segregation and then have absolute AUDACITY to call other people Nazis...
@24 Yeah, I mean this is the problem with activist movements on college campuses. There's an echo chamber effect, where you're either in support or if you're questioning the logistics or logical underpinings, you are shut out and branded as the enemy or if you're a person of color, a collaborator in this oppression. The situation is all very binary and there's no room for people on either side whose weigh in wants to think critically about what's happening. You're either in or you're terrible. But all that said, most of these protests on campuses never come to much so the stakes are generally pretty low... except when they're not.
@ Now wipe the drool off your keyboard after typing out that foam-flecked tirade.
The really sad thing about this Evergreen deal is that the POC students don't really seem like top academic achievers… I don't want to say it harshly but they're not presenting their case well, to the extent they have any case at all.
It's funny that you support free speech but object to him going on Fox News, and writing for the Wall Street Journal. There's a very good reason that he most likely did that: you, and the rest of the alternative media, were ignoring the whole thing. This has been going on since last week, and yet there was no coverage whatsoever in The Stranger before the threat. Would you have even commented on it if the threat had never happened?
I couldn't find Joe Rogan but found interview at Rubin Report.

Honestly, this is the funniest PC shitfest that I've seen in a long time. Leave it to Evergreen to top Yale in SJW bullshit.

And HR folks? Look at those videos closer and keep an eye out for those brats to apply for jobs.

Have the students started to scream that they are living in a world just as bad (or worse) than the Jim Crow south?
@ 33 Spot. Fucking. On.
Good (but very tardy) reporting, however a lot of shocking details are still flying under the radar here, such as a fellow faculty member tweeting that someone should come "collect" professor Weinstein's wife (also faculty there) from the campus; the reason campus police said they couldn't protect him and he had to hold class at a park downtown was because they'd learned a group of students was going car to car though the campus parking lots looking for him; at the big meeting the President had, the protesters demanded that the campus Chief of Police (a female Evergreen graduate) only join the discussion if she showed up without her uniform and gun; etc.
Live on Rogan right now:

You can now listen to the threatening phone call which closed the Evergreen campus. See the link here. Even if you do not like what some students said, or how they said it, I hope you are ready to stand up against people like this who threaten their lives.


GermanSausage I'm sorry if your definition of racism is so expansive that it includes anyone who has ever been interviewed on Tucker/Fox then you are talking nonsense. Weinstein didn't threaten anybody; he himself has been the subject of numerous threats. The police say he's not safe on campus.

The rest is just rationalization
@40, Ooh, plot twist - the bomb threat came from a gun nut ranting about commies! Since we're issuing blanket proclamations about entire political movements based on the actions of a minority - omg the right is such a joke, why are they afraid of free speech, hitler would be so proud etc
GermanSausage apparently doesn't have a real job as he's been on here all day calling a very liberal, jewish professor racist for having the audacity to challenge a belligerent and misguided show of divisiveness.

The left needs unity, not reasons to cannibalize their "allies" because they don't agree 100% on tactics or messages. If you can't handle disagreement you are intolerant. If you are defending stupidity and failed strategies, then you are GermanSausage and have no idea how political consensus are built.
Is there any group of people as passionate as white people explaining how nonracist they are?
German Sausage
You know it's well-known that people who accuse others of racism are very often the true vicious racist and only make accusations to try and divert attention to others.

Just something to think about.
@45 Where in this article are there any white people "explaining how nonracist they are?" The issues at hand are free speech, intimidation, and intolerance. Your comment is a sloganeering cheap shot.
This is pure comedy.
It gets crazier.
Evergreen Faculty calling for Weinstein to be on campus trial.

To quote from the doc:

"Demonstrate accountability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against Bret Weinstein according to guidelines in the Social Contract and Faculty Handbook. Weinstein has endangered faculty, staff, and students, making them targets of white supremacist backlash by promulgating misinformation in public emails, on national television, in news outlets, and on social media."

There you go. Thank you. Out of all the comments, starting with the first one, the 45th one is what you are Kathy Griffining on.
@22 YOU voted for it. YOU and all other Trumpzillan trolls can suffer from its senseless wrath and ineptitude. STFU.
@26 Thank you.
@51. No, the reason I commented on you instead of the 44 prior comments is because yours was the most inane.
Wow! The most liberal college in these United States still isn't liberal enough.
@GermanSausage thanks for being the only voice of reason amidst a sea of trolls..

too bad the internet went to shit. Had such high expectations for it..what can we expect when the sperm of satan get together for a party in their dark and rotten caves to spew their vomit across the walls..

enjoy it ya'll. enjoy your privileged pity party. I'll toss you a few kkk party hats..stamped with the presidential logo
Who gives a shit what college kids do? Like you weren't a complete dumbass in college.
To lose Evergreen there is to abandon all hope. God damn you all to hell!
From Miriam-Webster
race-baiting: the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group

I watched the interview twice and there's nothing in it which can reasonably be said to fit this definition. The students in the video clips, on the other hand, were explicitly attacking a racial group and thus were clearly race baiting. It just happened to be in a different direction than what one normally expects.
Or do you also have a definition of race baiting which means it can only apply to light skinned individuals?
This. Is. So. Fucking. Stupid.
It's false to claim that white people were told they had to leave campus. Text below is verbatim from the announcement of this year's Day of Absence program:

>> On Day of Absence, you can choose how and where to participate. [...] off-campus, at [location redacted] we will host a full-day program focusing on allyship and anti-racism work from a majority culture or white perspective. Due to the capacity limits of the space (200 participants), we are asking those members of the Evergreen community who wish to attend the off-campus Day of Absence program to commit in advance by completing the registration form. [...] And because many of us are mixed, and may not wholly identify ourselves with one community or the other, we invite each person to attend the program of their choice, wherever they feel most comfortable. <<

Obviously this was an invitation to an event that a small portion of the campus community could choose to participate in if they wished.

The protestors are upset partly because a white person took the event, claimed victimhood, and derailed the entire discussion to make it about him. His words have been quoted often and at length; he has been interviewed and had op-eds published.

This misrepresentation has motivated numerous editorials and countless online comments trashing Evergreen, and its students and faculty, as well obscenity-laced emails including threats of violence and death to specific individuals and to the entire campus. This must stop.

I AM a 'greener(attending part-time until I establish WA state residency, which should be in place for fall term)

I'm white.

I was on the Evergreen campus late in the afternoon on the Day of Absence(which was, as has been mentioned, totally voluntary)

I was in a class with several of the most outspoken African-American students on campus.

Nothing happened to me or any of the other white students in that class.

Nothing happened to any white students or instructors who did appear on campus that day.

Bret(at the TESC Oly campus, we're on a first-name basis with all instructors and administrators)is largely responsible for inflaming the situation on campus and for putting TESC students in danger.

He made it sound like the protests were all about him and his class(ONE was-there are issues with his evolutionary argument about racism-it appears that he is claiming that racism is a natural product of evolution, rather than a learned behavior) but most were not.

There have been real issues with the physical safety of students of color.
There have been real issues with the treatment of students of color(two black trans lesbian students have been the subject of continual harassment and repression on the campus-you can find information on that at the Cooper Point Journal website), and there are real issues with how the campus police have treated students of color.

The protests were centered on that, NOT on Bret.

And it was inherently reckless of Bret to go on Fox and give a distorted account of the situation, refusing to challenge Tucker Carlson's demagogic version of events, and put everyone on campus in the literal rifle sights of a viewing audience that would like to see most people color, most LGBTQ people, and most people on the Left dead.

Whether or not Bret can fairly be called racist, he CAN fairly be called rhetorically irresponsible.

@62 AlaskanbutnotSeanPurnell: Thank you for clarifying the situation at Evergreen State College. What a tragic series of events! My brother is an Evergreen alum, and I'm sure must also be reeling about the lockdown.
So the most Liberal College in the Country, for 40 years or so, is still at odds at what true Liberalism really is or means. Let the internal war continue.
@33 Bingo. It's been infuriating that my favorite news sources have not touched this story, and now that they are starting to report on it, it's being spun into something far more sympathetic than the protesters deserve. What's being done to this man is disgusting. Evergreen should be ashamed.