"Jon is is calling on Seattle to decriminalize petty, non-violent crimes and find alternative forms of accountability"

I was interested in what he proposes be decriminalized, but under the "crimimal just reform' section on his website (…) all it says is "The page you were looking for was not found."

Its definitely just a busted link, but it's embarrassing.
It's probably been said before, but every time I see this guy's face, I think it is Chris Hayes.
@1 The info you're looking for is at this link:
Because he couldn't find three? lol 2 people support Jon CALL THE PRESSES!
@3 Thanks for the working link.

In addition to fixing his website he might also want to take a second look at this sentence. I'm sure its not supposed to read this way. But it does sound like no matter what crime or who committed it, as long as you're at a school you'll get an 'alternative form of accountability'

"I also support alternative forms of accountability for crimes of poverty like loitering/disturbing the peace and driving with a suspended license and crimes like DUIs, sex work, drug-related offenses and any offenses that take place in public schools or public educational facilities. "
@1/5, where did you find that non-working link? I looked at the website and don't see where that comes up. My guess is they renamed the page from police accountability to criminal justice reform to adequately address a broader range of topics. Re: the sentence about schools, are you suggesting an oxford comma to clarify things? 9 times out of 10, an oxford comma is the right choice.

@4 are you legitimately under the impression that having less than three authors for a "guest editorial" is indicative of real world support, or are you just trolling to trollolololol? That's rhetorical, mind you. I think the answer is painfully obvious.

What is it about a commenting field that makes horrible internet commenters out of so many? I'm not immune to the allure, but...still.
@2 I've heard the Chris Hayes connection before. I see it too.
The reason why you have two young immigrants supporting grant is for two reasons young and immigrant…

Young people are generally naïve and foolish, tho not always.

Immigrants want to fit in and sound knowledgeable.

so if an American asks them "do you like Grant?" they will think of the Civil War and say "of course"
@6 I found the broken link under priorities / all priorities / then click on the "read more" under "Criminal Justice Reform"

idk if an oxford comma would fix it, and i don't really care because I'm pretty sure he means to not prosecute kids for small incidents that happen at school. Which is quite different from any incident in a public school or on school grounds.

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