Trump Administration: Ignore the President's Tweets


It's so weird that they even think that's a reasonable thing to expect. They are
overtly replicating the administration's stance from "The Emperor's New Clothes", apparently without irony or self-awareness.
Pay no attention to the dumbass behind the curtain.
In much needed good news today, special counsel Robert Mueller is assembling a Justice League team of prosecutors with experience investigating corporate fraudsters and mobsters to go after the D and F List hucksters and con artists in the Twitler regime.

All the twits in the world won't be able to make this go away, so at least the lives of despicable lying psychopaths like Kobra Anne Conjob and crew will be a living hell for the forseeable future.
Finally some good news. Looking forward to Thursday.
OH MY GOD, fucking Conway has talked REPEATEDLY in the past about how Trump's tweets are "a direct line to the American people," now we're supposed to ignore them? Which is it?? It will take her soul a thousand reincarnations to shed this filth.
@ 5 - What soul?
Seems every time a call to impeachment gets mentioned a bunch of lefties chime in to claim it's not going to happen and he's gonna serve four, if not eight years. And I get that we've got a number of significant obstacles in the way, most notably an obstructive legislature that's not currently cooperative, among plenty of others.

But if I were honestly being required to wager a bet (and above all else I'm poor and cheap, and so going to wager my dollars where best I think they'll offer a chance of return) I'd say, by some means, he's unlikely to serve out this first term. He's a 70+ year old fat fuck who eats a disgusting diet and publicly admitted to forgoing exercise. That's gotta make him a really prime candidate for fatal heart disease/failure (it's also probably worth mentioning that he's got probably the most stressful job on the planet, though I'm not sure he actually internalizes stressful events the way the way sane/rational people do.)

Then if we factor in the fact that he really could be impeached for any number of things done or yet to be done and his fickle legislature can and would turn on him the moment it's deemed in their best interest to do so and I think it's a very real possibility. Finally, he's among the most loathed presidents in history and probably a target for wingnuts to act wingnutty. Hopefully Jodi Foster keeps her mouth shut.

Personally, I'm of the "Be careful what you wish for" mindset, as I think Pence could easily be demonstrably worse, but I feel like it's at least more likely than not to happen. Ugh.
As Eugene Robertson points out (Trump is Out of Control), we minimize them by just referring to 'tweets' - these are Presidential statements of record. But keep 'stating' away Donald, as each one is now an exhibit in court records.
Being a government lawyer, putting up the best possible line of "that tweet's old, this tweet can be read in a non-hateful light", must be a worse job than the very last guy in the elephant parade.
Ok, I'll bite.

Let's focus on what Trump has done.

He's signed a LOT of executive orders.

He has filled 39/441 government positions.

He has gotten his version of health care through the house.

That's about it, really.

If I were them, I'd stick to the tweets.
Via Raw Story: During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Spicer was asked if the White House considered Trump’s tweets to be “official statements.” “The president is the president of the United States so they are considered official statements by the president of the United States,” Spicer insisted.
@10, he tried to ban muslims, he gave secret intelligence to the Soviets, he colluded with Russia to overthrow American democracy, he withdrew from the Paris accords, he continues to try to remove health insurance for millions of Americans...
This is just SOP for the White House: Twitler sends out a stupid/insane/easily refutable twit at 3:00 a.m. to all-and-sundry; Spicer or Conway or Sanders respond with some BS "that's not what he said/meant" refutation; immediately followed by some other Administration official (usually at the cabinet level) who contradicts the Press Office statement; and which in turn is usually followed by Twitler pointing to all the obfuscation as evidence of "fake news" or some other paranoid pronouncement of how the evil media is out to get him. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And of course his base just eats all this shit with the biggest splinter-encrusted wooden spoons they can lay their hands on, because they don't possess the mental capacity to sort through the morass of statements, counter-statements, retractions, denials, backpeddling, and flat-out prevarications coming out of the collective mouths of literally every single member of this screeching horde of feces-flingers.
I believe that WH personnel and/or DJT purposely issue concurrent contradictory statements so that they can obfuscate the official intent. This way, there is always an official passive denial on record of things said or done.

We've just had Tillison and Mathias over here. Our girl Julie, foreign minister, loved the boys. Bet it was Rex's southern charm which got her in. And then in NZ the demonstrators gave em both the middle finger as they drove by. Go New Zealand.
What of his blatant racism with the mayor of London. His tweets talk to his dwindling fan base, and all the other right wing loonies around the world. To the end this person is going to be a sleaze bag, a corrupt man who is seriously deficient in humanity.
Where's Pence. In the wings, getting ready to pounce.
" On NBC's Today, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway lamented the "obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president,""

As @10 says, he's done close to nothing as president. So it's covered, and there's time for tweets.
@16 - Pretty sure Pence is standing by with extra phones so Donald can always tweet...