Logan Is Already on Blu-ray and It's Still the Best of the X-Men Films


Extra! Extra! World's greatest X-men movie sucks!
God, I gave up after the salty opening paragraph. We get it, you don't like the genre. I actually looked the writer up to remember that I don't enjoy him. That's a first for me!
I like superhero movies and the X-men movies have not been very good.

I was really happy when at the end of Logan they switched the cross on the grave to an X, I felt like they buried the fucking X-Men movie line there. The average quality of an MCU movie has been light years better than the average Fox X-Men movie.
I wish it was somehow feasible to watch any movie you wanted at home in black and white. Really shows you how far technology has yet to advance.

" takes a queue"
It's why the call Professor X "queueball".