The gay bar is moving or changing or something. Theyre not quite ready to announce whatever it is.
The gay bar will neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

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Purr, the gay bar that has been on 11th Avenue for almost 12 years, is getting "pushed out" of its current location, according to two people I've talked to who would be in a position to know.

In addition to those two sources, a few hours ago, The Stranger received a tip via email subject-lined "Purr closing rumor." It read:

I'm hearing (from a current bartender at Purr) that Purr is closing right after Pride due to Barbie losing her lease. And that she is considering re-opening elsewhere.

When The Stranger reached out to owner Barbie Roberts, she said:

Thank you for reaching out. I can’t say much right now, but please stay tuned. Purr is going to have some exciting news very soon!

Something tells me she's not referring to Violet Chachki appearing at the bar on June 21 or Katya appearing at the bar on June 22.


She also said, "We love the community... and will continue to be a part of it."

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When I followed up with Barbie to say we were hearing the rumors of being pushed out or closing or moving from multiple sources, she said:

As soon as I have specific details that I can publicly share, I will let you know asap. But trust, the change will be a good one!

A few moments ago, I visited Purr and talked to Barbie in person. She reiterated that news is coming and that it will be good, but she couldn't say more.