Ever since I was young, I've masturbated differently than everyone else. I don't play with myself with my hand. Instead what I do is I lie on the floor and hump the floor and the pressure between my leg and the floor usually feels good and that makes me cum. I've done this ever since I was a kid, and I'm now 24. The problem with this method is that it doesn't work with erections. Every time I've tried it with a boner, it just feels like I'm lying on a stick and it's uncomfortable. So I normally wait until I'm flaccid again, and then masturbate. Unfortunately, this means I've never cumed with an erection, I've only cumed when flaccid. I've had sex three times in my life, and never once have I cumed during sex. I think I accidentally trained my dick to not cum when I'm hard. I have no problem keeping a boner during sex and can go for a long time, I've just never cumed.

I think what started this problem is in general was I was born with lower than normal muscle mass which means I have terrible upper body strength. Every time I tried masturbating normally it just felt tiring and uncomfortable. I bought a Fleshlight recently to try and help me learn to masturbate normally but I have trouble getting an erection when I'm not around women (porn doesn't do it for me).

Struggling To Reach Orgasm Kinda Easily


How do I make cum taste better?

"Cum" is not a word. We don't have three-letter alternate spellings for other four-letter words that have double meanings. You wouldn't write "I know this guy who sucks and he's a mean dick, but he's so fucking hot, I want to suk his dik." The proper spelling of "come" works just fine too. But in answer to your question: Come is an acquired taste. No one likes Guinness the first time they drink it, right? But soon you're happily knocking back pints of the stuff.

If "cum" is not a word, STROKE, "cumed" isn't either. Please make a note of it. (And ignore the naysayers cumsayers.)

Movie on: How do you learn to come differently than you do now? The same way men with what I long ago dubbed death-grip syndrome learn to come differently. By retraining your cock. Here's my advice to guys who trained their dicks to respond only to a tightly-clenched fist:

You'll have to swear off the death grip forever, ABF, if you want your dick to respond to more subtle sensations. When you jerk off, use a light touch and let it take as long as necessary—and it may take a while. When you're with a woman, fuck her brains out and give her orgasms galore, and when it's time for you to come—the moment you're used to taking matters into your own hands and finishing yourself off with the death grip—force yourself to use her body or her mouth or her pussy, or, if you must use your own hand, use that same light touch you've been practicing with when you beat off. If you don't come, well, tough shit, you don't get to come. To avoid giving the women you're with complexes, warn them in advance that you're trying to retrain your dick. While this approach may be frustrating in the short run, in the long run only this approach—a light touch, a firm resolve, and consistent denial—will kick your dick's dormant nerve endings into gear.

Adapting that advice for you: You'll have to swear off the floor forever, STROKE, if you want your come with a hard cock. No more humping the floor with a flaccid cock. Get hard and masturbate for as long as you're able, STROKE, and if you don't come in that period of time, you don't come. Don't give masturbation or your new Fleshlight a try before willing your erection away and getting down on the floor. From here on out, kiddo, it's your hand, your Fleshlight, a new partner, or nothing. And give it plenty of time—it could take months to retrain your cock. But sooner or later the nerve endings that run from your cock up to the reptile part of your brain are going to realize they have to adapt.

That said, STROKE, if you give it a year and nothing changes—if you dick doesn't adapt—you may have to accept that this is how you get off. All of us have different paces and preferences. That's part of what's so mystifying/awesome/laughable about sex. Work on maintaining an erection to climax, STROKE, really give it your best, er, shot. But if you don't see a change after a year.... then you can return to the floor. And, hey, you can return to partnered sex too. There are lots of women out there who want guys who can go for a long, long time.

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