There's a thing in LA Mag that says that by some fortuitous chance this project's architect's relatives worked on the original 2001 set. Selfie-bait or not, that is pretty cool!
Maybe the Stranger should hire an art critic.
I had to do a triple take at that picture of the 3 blonds who are so much the definition of basic white woman that I wasn't sure if it was part of the art installation or something
You're missing the point of why sharon mizota was not a fan.

The area is rapidly gentrifying, with power players taking over warehouses and pushing brown people (the ones in that neighborhood across from the jail) to the margins. Simon Birch is a white man from the UK living in hong kong. Los Angeles is a city overflowing with art, some of which is at scale, but when you are here long enough, a certain kind of scale which this show embodies only translates to ones ego needing stoking.

I'm from LA, and almost took the bait, but realized this is nothing of what LA art is. This is exactly the antithesis, a man with money attempting to use his cache to fit his work in to a scene that is not his. The LA Sharon sees and understands is the one full of freaks taking creative risks, not creating situations for insta selfies.

In related news, Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds is back in LA, and it costs about the same price.

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