Mayor Ed Murray: Accuser's Decision to Drop Sexual Abuse Lawsuit "Vindicates Me"


No Ed, don't add salt to your wounds. Just go away.
I'm still really angry over how The Strangler and the Seattle Slimes ginned up an internet lynch mob, defamed Murray, and promoted the evil lie that all gay men are pedophiles. No wonder the media is so loathed and distrusted.

If Murray truly is exonerated, then you need to resign. No one should forgive or forget this.
Raindrop, I've been saying that about you for years, yet somehow you're still around.
@3: lolllll
@4: The exclamation mark is SHIFT-1 on your keyboard.
@2 vote with your dollars. Let anyone who advertises in The Stranger know you won't patronize their places of business unless they pull their ads.

Hit Tim and company where it hurts: their wallets. It's all they care about
@6 lolllll

You really are a ridiculous peon.

@2 - I don't think that stereotype was perpetuated. I think most Seattleites just think he should have reconciled those transgressions before he dedicated his life to public service.
@7: However, it didn't used to be so difficult when sites had control over placement of the ads.
Not linked in the article, for some reason:

@2 is
Totally correct
Cliffhangers suck. The timing of this is rather fucked and it seems like a political stunt that worked. But, we won't get our answer for seven months.
But does it vindicate Murray's flawless scrotum?
Dropping the lawsuit doesn't mean Murray is innocent. It's almost certainly a ploy by the lawyer to get a different judge for the case. I believe the victims.
@15 unless it's never re-filed.
Simpson's accusations still stand.
@17, they do? On what?
I don't think that stereotype was perpetuated.

Try not to be so incredibly dim, dear. The negative and false stereotype of the gay man as sexual predator is exactly what Connelly was invoking when he bankrolled this worthless lawsuit.

I think most Seattleites just think...

You don't speak for us, and you wouldn't speak for us even if you had the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

...he should have reconciled those transgressions...

(How does one "reconcile" the horrific crimes of which he was accused? "OK, well, sure: I used to take sexual advantage of homeless adolescents; please elect me to a position of community leader?")

More to the point, your belief that most of us here in Seattle believe these groundless accusations is as groundless as those accusations themselves.
@17, they do? On what?

Why, on the demonstrably false statements Simpson made in the puff-piece story The Stranger published about him, of course. (Raindrop is like that, you see.)
Drop ed. The gay community doesn't need to be stuck to this perverted tar baby