For when youve finished considering the lobster.
For when you've finished considering the lobster.

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Oh, Onion Onion Onion, please be true true true! It's from the A/V Club, so the story of Jamie Loftus's quest to consume the late, great David Foster Wallace's magnum book Infinite Jest (which maybe seven people I know have actually read all the way through, myself not included, though I am one of DFW's least apologetic admirers) the old fashioned way has a good chance of being the real thing. But even if it's just a gag for the robot TV, she has still vaulted forward to become one of the great humans of our time.

She eats it out of a bag. She eats it at night. She makes sandwiches with it. She makes bog-standard vlogs about it. She dips it into coffee. She does some pretty fucked-up shit with the book, to be honest, which she makes a point of displaying her total ignorance of.

Will she eat all 1,079 pages of the beloved postmodern saga of addiction, tennis, pop culture, and lust? You can follow her progress via the hashtag #eatinfinitejest, which, so far, mostly contains full videos of her eating the book over the past year.

Can a supreme court nomination be far behind?