Guest Editorial: Seattle's Construction Boom Leaves Beloved Fremont Floats Without a Place to Stay


This might be a stupid idea, but then again it might not. Is there any chance that the floats could be stored under the Ballard bridge where the city has already installed ground to ceiling fencing to keep homeless campers out?
There's tons of empty hangars and buildings at Magnuson park. Perhaps move the parade to Wedgewood...
Why not run a GoFundMe campaign through August 7 to collect donations for a years' worth of storage fees (the delta between the 'affordable' amount the FAC can pay and what it would actually cost to store the floats) to buy time to find a more permanent solution? Bonus, you ensure one more parade, the 30th anniversary, which would help to garner further interest.
What about the city-owned empty lot at N 35TH and Interlake N? It won't be available long-term, but it's available now. This would at least buy some time.