The Morning News: Seattle-Area Workers to Employers Who Pay Less Than $15: Go Hang


From the previous story regarding the racist costume, "It's alleged that the person inside of it was not black."

Did anyone ever confirm this? Would it still be a racist costume if the opposite was shown?
Regarding the parade, don't forget the very obvious slight directed to Orion Slave Girls by that costume in the background.
@1: Schrodinger's' Racism.
If I was the owner of Mont's Market, I'd be pretty pissed at Seattle Times and Slog right now...
I personally was offended by all the cis white male cyclists painted as Wonder Woman this year.

Talk about cultural appropriation!
In regards to the Montlake Market. Yes, it stinks that it may be torn down. But It's not the only market in the neighborhood. There is another market three blocks South.
@3 More like lazy reporting. But it is nice to see that Charles fact free reporting has a few fanboys.

If Charles can't bother to figure out what actually happened before crying racism why shouldn't hist story be questioned? Remember this is the same fellow that when trying to have a factual debate with cliff mass came out on the side of lying to everyone.
i think I've seen that puppet before - in previous parades, and in protest marches downtown.
Charles, it's really embarrassing that you didn't know that there was a small grocery three or four blocks away… I'm actually sad for you.

And FNARF? What the fuck does this mean?
"I know SPD has people who are capable of dealing with mental illness without immediately opening fire, but they weren't there. I think I know why. I'm just sick about it."
I don't understand people calling the puppets racist. They look fun and colorful and like they fit in with the vibe of the Fremont Parade.
Also, the key word in the quote from Seattle times about $15 minimum wage is "may" - "The higher wages in Seattle may also be making it harder to fill positions for businesses there and nearby cities that don’t pay as much."

Whenever I read a statement in a news article that says "may" it tells me that the author did not look at any data and the news article is just to grab attention - in other words - its FAKE NEWS!

And yet, here we are with a 2.8% unemployment rate as of May, the lowest ever recorded. Y'all can kvetch that "we haven't seen the full effects", but it's been two years since the MW increase was implemented, and by all empirical standards, business in the City, including in the food services industry, appears to be booming.

As for "smaller portions", well, 'Murkans are notorious for assuming a "portion" is supposed to be equivalent to something that stretches ones gut like …, and at a calorie count that frequently surpasses an entire day's recommended intake in a single serving, so I for one don't feel particularly inclined to cry a river over the notion that people might be consuming slightly less than that, regardless of the cause.

Or the data are incomplete, or there is a high level of correlation, but causation can't yet be proven, because the whole experiment is fairly new, and controls are hard or impossible to establish, because this is the real world, and not a lab.

Mont's Market is nice, but the store up at the gas station carried a significant number of things Mont's didn't. Its perishables were limited, but not as limited.
Folks can we talk about Heckard's lawyer again? Did you see this?
Delvonn Heckard, the man who accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of abusing him, withdrew his lawsuit this week. But he said he did it at his attorneys' behest; if it were up to him, he would have forged ahead.

“I put my college on hold and everything just to deal with this, and then for this to happen, it’s just a lot to take in,” he said. “But I guess my attorneys know what they’re doing.”…

But what of the "secondary cuts of meat" that he's been forced to endure?!? Can you not see the horror and tragedy here!!!
Sometime after filing the suit, his lawyer learned it would be better to file another time, so changed course?

On what new information here besides that Murray missed the filing deadline?

"I guess my attorneys know what they’re doing"
@12: it's not fake news. fake news is spreading deliberately false information, like the pizzagate conspiracy.

"may" means the article speculates on yet-to-be-documented effects. pretty much par for the course through the history of journalism. here's an example: "trump's election MAY lead to an increase of trumpist trolls on Slog". I don't need to cite data: you're here.

I'm sure his attorney knows what he's doing. It's just not necessarily in the client's interests.
I run that Montlake are frequently, ans as far as that Montlake store being a convenient "local shop" for foot traffic: B U L L P O O P. It is at a MAJOR traffic intersection (DRAWBRIDGE!) where cars and delivery trucks are EVERYWHERE. There is no way to get to the store without crossing a major arterial street. None of the lights favor foot-traffic - it's all about the cars. Cars routinely block the only sidewalk around the shop. Cars heading for the highway without yielding routinely race through surrounding crosswalks. This place is just a manic highway stop like any other highway stop which is to say it IS NOT FOR PEDESTRIANS. It's a hunk of shit that draws flies. Removing it will be a blessing. With any hope the 'convenience' traffic it brings will dissipate and humans will be able to walk there again. The rich nearby can just eat the same shit they dish on everyone else. Charles is right, they pushed the store as far away as they could and now they are crying that they won't have it anymore.
@5 - What is the "the prevailing economic equilibrium "? Is that the same things as "the lowest wage employers can get away with"? Does that include wage theft? Like not paying overtime pay, or forcing employees to buy company uniforms?

Considering that we don't have a Universal Basic Minimum income, an amount that would
(a) enable all people to afford food & rent, and
(b) allow all workers to refuse work they think is not properly compensated (an true 'free market of labor' -- you are for free markets, right?), then requiring a minimum wage that is still not even quite enough to afford median food & rent in this city ... well, that's just a step in the direction of an ethical arrangement of things.

Besides, economies work robustly when there is an adequate velocity of money... meaning that cash changes hands frequently in the local economy. When workers have more cash available to spend (eg. minimum wage or better), they will spend, and that keeps money circulating, and the economy strong.

Recession is when the velocity of money slows down, everyone stops spending money, and the "pool" of money freezes up (banks won't lend, businesses idle workers), into a downward spiral.
@4: Why? It's newsworthy, is it not?
What Charles Maude fails to realize is that the minimum wage question was NEVER about plain old economic growth, but about demographic shifts. Again, the question no one wants to answer: if the value of $15 does not change based on inflation, who will hire a high school drop out at $15/hour? Who would hire a recent immigrant who doesn't speak fluent English at $15/hour? Who would hire a convicted felon at $15/hour?
Those groups have just gone from unemployed, to unemployable. And before I hear anyone whine about "muh 2.5% unemployment rate!", the question is, what is the demographic of those people employed?
And history has shown us the the minimum wage has been historically used to enforce state-sanctioned white supremacy:…
And as for it "not hurting any jobs":…
And the Kansas tax cuts left many loopholes in place, that is why it failed the state government:… however, the Kansas unemployment rate did go down, as expected, starting when the tax cuts began. It it is dishonest of Charles Maude to act like it had no positive effect what so ever:…

And finally, after an INNOCENT PREGNANT WOMAN WAS KILLED BY GOVERNMENT THUGS, I don't understand how anyone can continue to believe that the government of Seattle is this benevolent creature that should be free to set every rule for how we live our lives. I can not understand how people expect the same government that brutalizes its own people to take care of them like some benevolent nanny.

(and cue the alt-leftists who can't make rational arguments but instead rely on ad hominem attacks)
Very good observation.
And also, there is something else no one is considering: As the price of rent climbs in Seattle (mostly due to over-regulation of housing by the city government) lower-income people are getting priced out of Seattle. Hence, those dishwashers can't afford to live in the city anymore and they are getting jobs in other places. Is this really a wage issue, or is it because the pool of low-skilled workers is getting smaller as they are priced out of the city?
Or we could just get rid of the minimum wage entirely. What country has no minimum wage? Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. And yet workers make more. Why? Unions there are actually unions and not the glorified lobbying groups we have here.
Get government out of it and let workers organize and negotiate wages themselves.…
@22, if you're quoting Wrath of Khan (and I'm 99% sure you are), it's "like a POOR marksman..." #shatnerrules #spellinggeeks
I'd love to see a McAwful's grossly overpaid CEO be reduced to a below-poverty $8.00 an hour wage under hazardous working conditions, placed on a McAwful's McBudget, allotted just $20 a month for healthcare (where??), and be condescended to "divide [his or her] food into smaller portions" to get through the month. Then watch him or her whine about the unlikelihood of finding affordable housing anywhere near Seattle, and have to take public transportation to work, commuting from 40 or 50 miles away.
Choke on it, Big Cheapskate For-Profit-Only Corporate!
That's just sickening about Charleena Lyles.
@27 - If you are against "collectivism", how is it that you are also for unions? Aren't they specifically a form of collectivism?

Minimum wage is based on the idea that if I work a 40-hour week, I should be able to afford housing+food. Right? Or do you think that some people should have to work 60-80 hours a week to afford food+rent?

Which countries are experimenting with Universal Basic Income? Well, Denmark & Norway, to name two, and Sweden if I'm not mistaken as well. Also, Hawaii, fyi.